Are Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners good for carpet cleaning?

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It is always important to keep your apartment clean and tidy. And you can’t do without mere floor cleaning. “WoofTown” presents the rating of vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning in 2023, which will help in cleaning your home

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Wet cleaning is good and useful, but it is often not enough. Dust is left on surfaces and is dangerous to the respiratory tract. A dry vacuum cleaner can help.

Dry vacuuming means cleaning without water or liquid cleaners. Brush dusting, vacuuming, removing cobwebs from corners, sweeping – it’s all there. It can be a separate activity, or a preparation for wet cleaning. In any case, it is important to carry out it often and qualitatively.

Vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning come in three main types: corded, cordless (including cordless) and robots. Dust can be collected in a bag, in a container or in an aquafilter – a tank in which water traps debris and dust.

Editor’s Choice

Tefal TW3186EA with a 4.5 L bag

bag as the dust collector

A traditional vacuum cleaner with a 4.5 L bag as the dust collector. It has a self-closing valve that prevents even the smallest contact with dust when you change it. The basic dust canister is enough for several cleanings. The noise level of 70 dB (comparable to a loud conversation) – yes, not very quiet, but acceptable for a powerful vacuum cleaner.

The suction tube is telescopic, it consists of two components. Power suction – 450 watts, this is enough for good cleaning of the room. The cord has a length of 8.4 m. This size is enough to work in large houses. The vacuum cleaner can be stored both vertically and horizontally. The package includes several nozzles – floor scrubber, furniture, crevice, flexible crevice.

Compact container vacuum cleaner

vacuum cleaner with a large container for a quick dry cleaning

Compact container vacuum cleaner with a large container for a quick dry cleaning. The manufacturer gives 10 years as an additional commitment to the motor, thereby showing that it will last a long time and provide high quality work. The supplier does not specify the suction power, but judging by user reviews, the vacuum cleaner handles its main functions well and cleans dust on all surfaces. The power of the motor – 2000 watts.

The vacuum cleaner has a hygienic PureAir filter – it provides cleaner air at the outlet. It is washable. There is also a Power AirCycle technology: to increase the efficiency of cleaning thanks to the triple circulation of air and a powerful motor. In addition, owners will find a fine filter here as well. The kit includes carpet and floor nozzles.

Vacuum cleaner with dry and wet cleaning via Wi-Fi

powerful vacuum cleaner photo

This robot vacuum cleaner will cope not only with dry, but also with wet cleaning. The model is universal. It is convenient to control the device from your smartphone via Wi-Fi, which means that you can start cleaning even when you are outside the house. You can also set the cleaning schedule, change the power, and see the map of cleaning rooms.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a video camera. It allows you to check your home environment if you are, for example, on vacation or on a business trip. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a memory function of the places it has cleaned. The device draws a map of the room and displays it in the Smart Life mobile app.

Noise level of the vacuum cleaner – 55 dB. The suction power is 30 W, which is quite decent for a robot. The volume of the dust container is 0.8 l.

What is a good professional dry vacuum cleaner?

anti-static hose elbow

Professional vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning. It is equipped with a 10-liter bag for dust collection. Among the main advantages are the detachable cable for easy replacement, anti-static hose elbow, large and effective basket filter.

According to the manufacturer, this vacuum cleaner has quality 6x filtration guarantees dust retention. An optional HEPA filter can be installed to ensure that the exhaust air is 99.997% clean. Washable nylon basket filter reliably protects and extends the life of the motor while sustaining high suction power.

Declared power consumption is 800 watts, the manufacturer does not specify the suction power figures. The noise level is only 59 dB – low for such a powerful model.

Lightweight and affordable upright vacuum cleaner

vertical model

One of the best budget options. Lightweight (less than 2 kg), comfortable and compact vertical model in which there is nothing unnecessary. The claimed suction power of this function is 180 W, which is quite decent for such a small device. Among the pluses is also the ability to easily get under beds and in tight places.

The type of dust collector – a liter container with HEPA-filter, which removes residual dust from the air. Powered from the network. The noise level of 65 dB – a good indicator for a vacuum cleaner. Yes, quiet models are considered up to 40 dB, but among vacuum cleaners this is not the most common. Also, users highlight the long life of this vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning – some it remains a reliable assistant for several years.

Dry carpet cleaning

dust bag

A model designed for dry cleaning of carpet. This vacuum cleaner has a universal possibility of placing a dust bag and container. The bag capacity is 3 liters, and the container capacity is 4.5 liters. There is a fill indicator on it. The suction power is 320 W, the length of the cord is 5 meters, it can automatically unwind.

The suction tube in this vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning telescopic. The connector, to which it is attached, has a fine filter. The filters are easy to clean, which will also appeal to customers. Several nozzles are included – floor-cleaner, parquet, combined. There is also a power regulator on the body.

Are Lightweight Vacuums good?

How can you clean carpet without wires?

Roidmi Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Photo

This is a cordless upright device with a 435 watt motor, which is pretty solid for this type of vacuum cleaner. There’s also dust and debris filtration, it allows you to filter the air in several stages, preventing the filters from clogging quickly and reducing power. The filtration system is six-tiered, with a HEPA filter and cut-off plate added to it.

wet cleaning

In addition to dry cleaning, the vacuum cleaner is also suitable for wet cleaning. The dust canister is made in the form of a container, the power is taken from the battery. The maximum run time is 65 minutes. The noise level is 72 dB.

Effective floor and carpet cleaning on schedule

Wi-Fi control

Robot vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning. Thanks to Wi-Fi control via an app on your phone, you can control it almost anywhere in the world. You can set a cleaning schedule. Working time before recharging is 150 minutes. On the sides there are brushes for more efficient cleaning.

The button to turn on the vacuum cleaner is installed on the body. It has an automatic return to base. It comes with a turbo brush. The noise level is not the highest for such equipment – 60 dB. Suction power – 25 W, which is considered not such a weak indicator for robots.

good for cleaning furniture

Wireless vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning. It is good for cleaning furniture or car interior. In the kit from the manufacturer come two brushes for the main unit. One bristle brush, designed for hard surfaces, the other nylon – with it is better to clean carpets. Vacuum cleaner lies well in the hand, it has an ergonomic handle. It also has a battery charge indicator, which is also convenient.

The type of vacuum cleaner is a container. It is easy to clean: just press the button, the bottom lid opens, and all garbage falls into the trash. There is no need to dirty your hands or empty the bin manually. The dimensions of the dust canister are 1.2L. A good volume for a cordless model that has a standard volume of 0.5L. In addition, it is equipped with a maximum fill mark – when the Max mark is reached, the container must be cleaned.

dry cleaning

Vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning of the classical type. Dust collector here in the form of a container with a good capacity – 4 liters. The power of suction is very solid – 450 watts. The cord length is 5 meters and is reeled up automatically.

The vacuum tube of this model is telescopic – it consists of two tubes, external and internal. On an exit of air from a vacuum cleaner the filter of thin clearing – a useful thing which allows to detain the smallest particles of a dust and microorganisms which can be harmful to allergy sufferers.

Filters can be easily replaced, which is also a big plus. Let’s add that this is a very loud model – its noise level is 85 dB.

Which lightweight vacuum cleaner is powerful?

The dust canister

Powerful vacuum cleaner, which is perfect for dry cleaning. It is not very heavy – the weight is only 2.20 kg, with a good suction power – 400 watts. The dust canister is made without a bag, but in the form of a two-liter container with a cyclone filter. That is, the container is made in the form of a cone, inside it during operation a vortex air flow is formed – “cyclone”. Dust flies inside and sticks to the walls of the filter. In this way, most of the dirt remains inside the container.

Among the features is also a cord that is unwindable. It is three meters long and should be long enough to clean your room. The package also includes special nozzles for cleaning the floor or carpet. There is also a fine filter.

Basic Characteristics of powerful vacuum cleaner

Type of dust bag Container
Suction power 400 W
Suction tube Collapsible plastic
Power AC

Pros and cons

Handy vacuum cleaner with a roomy two-liter bin that’s easy to empty. Separate attachments for floor and carpet.

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