Bissell carpet cleaner cleaning agent smells bad?

Bissell carpet cleaner cleaning agent smells bad

bissell carpet cleaner cleaning agent smells bad?

Just add water, or how to clean a carpet with a wet vacuum cleaner

When’s the last time you did a wet carpet cleaning in your home? And after all, between the nap of the carpet accumulates a lot of debris, tiny dust, bacteria. Particularly acute issue of carpet cleaning is in families with small children, pets and allergic persons. The accumulation of dust and microorganisms can cause illness or a worsening of health. Often users are limited to regular dry cleaning and dry-cleaning of carpets once every few months. Another option is to clean by hand with special detergents for carpets. Needless to say, this method of cleaning is much more labor-intensive.

A convenient solution to the problem of cleaning the carpet is to use special household equipment – a wet carpet vacuum cleaner. The principle of its operation is simple: a stream of water, often with a concentrated cleaner, is fed to the nozzle of a wet vacuum cleaner, and then the moisture is sucked back into the dirty water tank along with the dirt. The clean water tank and dirty water tank are always different, so the dirt and dust already collected does not get back onto the carpet as it constantly does with manual cleaning.

Which carpets can and can’t be washed?

Despite its simplicity, this method of vacuuming is not suitable for all carpets. A wet vacuum cleaner will be very useful when you need to clean a carpet made of:

  • synthetic fibers: acrylic, microfiber, polyester, nylon;
  • mixed pile;
  • knitwear, if specified in the manufacturer’s instructions.

Damp cleaning with a cleaning agent is not suitable for:

  • natural materials: wool, silk, fur;
  • viscose;
  • jute products with long pile;
  • Stretchy cotton, linen.

To be sure not to damage anything and not to have unnecessary doubts, refer to the care instructions for your carpet. After cleaning, it’s important that your rug is completely dry. Drying will help prevent mold and bacteria buildup inside the pile.

How do I clean my carpet with a tea brew?

This option is only suitable if you were going to clean dark carpeting. On a light-colored carpet can leave significant stains, which are difficult to remove.

  • It is necessary to sprinkle the brew, after you drink the tea, on the dirty area of the carpet. Next, you need to wait for the brew to dry
  • After that, the remains are collected with a vacuum cleaner or broom
  • Before spreading the brew, it is squeezed out so that it is not very wet
Dirty carpeting

Dirty carpeting

Algorithm for cleaning carpets with a wet vacuum cleaner

  1. Before you begin wet cleaning, pick up any large dirt and debris from the covering with a traditional vacuum cleaner. The preliminary step can be eliminated by using BISSELL’s CrossWave series of all-purpose wet-cleaning vacuums. They vacuum and wash your coatings at the same time.
  2. Assemble your Rainbow Cleaner according to the instructions. If interchangeable attachments are included, select according to pile length.
  3. Pour clean water into the tank. Add carpet cleaner in the correct proportion. Choose universal concentrates or special carpet cleaners. If you are using the solution for the first time, first apply it to a small area of the carpet and after 15 minutes check if the material has deteriorated.
  4. Select the mode with maximum suction power.
  5. Work evenly and slowly over the entire area of the carpet, starting at the edges and moving the brush toward the center. Move it back and forth in short, consistent strokes. Slowly move the brush overlap and thoroughly sweep each area to ensure that the solution washes away all the bristles of the pile as much as possible.
  6. Be sure to dry the covering after wet cleaning in the room. To do this, simply vacuum it and leave it for 20 minutes to 1 hour. During this time, you should open a window or door and ventilate the room in which the carpet is located. You can put a mop or some long object under it, so that the air can circulate better. This way it dries much faster. Some appliances have a separate accessory to draw moisture from the surface of the carpet. However, if you have a BISSELL CrossWave Series vacuum cleaner, the fibers are dried immediately after wetting, so no extra time is needed. If the carpet is still dry and you start walking on it, the pile may be deformed.
  7. Drain the dirty water from the tank and remove any residual clean water. You need to rinse the reservoirs, nozzles, and dry the removable parts of the cleaner.

If you follow the recommendations, it is enough to properly clean the carpet once a week.

Folk methods of carpet cleaning

The medicine cabinet, refrigerator and household shelves store quite a few penny products that are ideal for cleaning carpeting.

It is used for dry and wet cleaning. In the first option, the coating is filled with powder, kneaded a little with your hands. The poured place when the dirt is absorbed darkens. After the color change, the baking soda is removed with a vacuum cleaner.

For wet cleaning, baking soda is diluted in the proportion of 2 tbsp. per liter of water, poured into a sprayer, the soiled place is well sprinkled with the solution. After 1-2 hours, when the surface has dried, the soda is collected with a vacuum cleaner. This method not only gets rid of dirt, but also refreshes the color, so it is better to clean the entire visible area at once.

Alcohol + Vinegar

Heavy artillery for stubborn stains and stubborn dirt. Although it works great with fresh ones, too. Alcohol and vinegar are taken in a 2:1 ratio.

Turpentine + alcohol

The composition removes traces of oil-based paints and similar substances. Mixed 1:1, applied to a sponge, which is scrubbed stain. After cleaning, the residue is removed with a damp cloth to remove the odor.

Ammonia, water and peroxide

The composition is mixed 1:1:1. An excellent way to clean light-colored coating, ideal for white. Brightly colored places are better to wash with something else. Or first try the action on an inconspicuous area (under the couch, for example).

Salt is poured for 1-2 hours grease, oil stains. After absorbing the dirt, it darkens. Cleaned well with a vacuum cleaner.

Advantages and types of wet vacuum cleaners

Models for wet cleaning allow you not to surrender the carpet to the dry cleaner and not to clean it by hand. Powerful devices can effectively clean all kinds of stains, get rid of bacteria, remove dirt. Modern vacuum cleaners have standard carpet cleaning and deep cleaning modes with an enhanced water supply with concentrate and increased suction power. Other benefits depend on the type of cleaner:

  • Traditional models with a telescopic tube are convenient for cleaning pipes, tiles, and windows. Thanks to the water supply you can clean even a carpet with dried stains. They have an increased volume of reservoirs for clean and dirty water, so you will need to refill it less often during the work.
  • Vertical vacuum cleaners are more mobile and lightweight. At the same time, the suction power and cleaning quality is similar to the classic devices. For example, a washing vacuum cleaner BISSELL 2571N HydroWave suitable for wet cleaning hard surfaces, carpet, carpets with a nap over 2 cm. When operated in “Express” mode due to the adjustable liquid flow the carpet will dry in 30 minutes.

The need for wet mopping

Wet mopping is a very effective way to keep your home clean. It is the only way to remove heavy dirt, get rid of dust and small debris, completely destroy allergens and microorganisms.

Ordinary wet cleaning is detrimental to the carpeting. Only if it is done correctly can the procedure replace washing and dry cleaning. To get a high-quality cleaning, it is worth using a wet vacuum cleaner. It will save a lot of routine manipulation.

But cleaning carpets is not enough. It is important not to spoil the product and not to deteriorate its original appearance. That is why it is so important to know how to properly clean pile carpets with a wet vacuum cleaner.

What carpet cleaner to choose?

First of all, look at the instructions to the vacuum cleaner, which specifies the rules of washing and requirements for cleaning solutions. Most brands of cleaners offer to use their concentrates for wet cleaning, including for the carpet or sofa. For example, the brand BISSELL, as well as companies Thomas (Thomas), Zelmer (Zelmer), KARCHER (KARCHER), has a series of highly effective products for cleaning different types of coatings and dirt. All of them meet the basic criteria for choosing a solution:

  • hypoallergenic composition of the product;
  • Cleaning agents are not caustic;
  • do not contain dyes, heavy metals, phosphates;
  • do not contain chlorine, which can ruin the color of the fibers after washing.

Pay attention to what type of dirt the product is designed for. Consider the specially formulated BISSELL 1146J. It’s better at removing deep-rooted dirt from carpets and upholstered furniture, filling the air with a natural, fresh scent while you clean. And BISSELL concentrate 1087J is recommended for wet cleaning in homes with pets. In addition to its excellent cleaning qualities, it additionally has odor control technology: pets will no longer leave nasty surprises in the same place. Of course, it is possible to wash away dirt and stains with an ordinary detergent such as Vanish, carpet detergent, a regular solution of soda or similar chemicals. But in the case of Bissell appliances, all of them will be less effective. Compared to a branded detergent, Bissell products will have a lower consumption per m2 of apartment floor under the same conditions of use.

How to clean the carpet with ammonia?

This tool is used in the case if there is sap or red wine on the carpet.

  • It is necessary to remove the dust with an ordinary vacuum cleaner dry cleaning and prepare a cleaning solution
  • 5 ml of ammonia alcohol is put in a liter of water, in this solution is moistened with a brush and wiped the carpet pile
  • Leave it for 5 minutes. Afterwards you need to wipe the carpet with a dry, clean cloth.
  • Pay attention, it is desirable that the alcohol does not get on the basis of the carpet. Ammonia can damage the structure of the product itself
  • Be sure to open all windows during cleaning. If there is exhaust ventilation, turn it on.
  • Because ammonia smells bad enough and can cause poisoning.
Clean with ammonia

Clean with ammonia

Further Hints

  • If you get more than one accessory with a vacuum cleaner, make sure you have the right accessory for your carpet and its pile length.
  • The sooner you start cleaning after a stain occurs, the easier it will be to get the carpet clean.
  • To clean particularly difficult stains, it is recommended to soak them for a while beforehand. The solution should penetrate deeper into the stain and begin to dissolve it from the inside.
  • It is best not to use hot water when working with a classic damp vacuum cleaner. However, the warmer the water, the more effectively it removes dirty stains. BISSELL engineers solved the problem: They developed the first vacuum cleaner that works with water up to 60°C.
  • Don’t moisten one area too much. Otherwise, it will take longer to dry out and mold may appear there.
  • Use an environmentally friendly vacuum cleaner, especially if your floor is often used by children or pets.

How to get rid of a bad odor on your flooring

A musty odor appears when the flooring is not properly dried after cleaning. To get rid of it, you should use the dry cleaning method of baking soda. Be sure to check the smelly area for mold, dry well after removing the baking soda with a vacuum cleaner. You can use a hair dryer. On a hot dryer, it will quickly heat the lint; not only dry it, but also allow you to understand whether the smell remains or has gone.

Stain on the floor from tea, coffee or wine.

Recipes for making carpet fresheners

Carpet fresheners can be made by yourself at home. This will require:

  1. One teaspoon of cloves.
  2. One cup of crushed dried herbs, such as lavender or rosemary.
  3. One teaspoon of baking soda.
  4. One teaspoon of cinnamon.

All the ingredients should be mixed together, and the resulting mixture should be spread evenly over the surface of the carpeting or carpet. After a few minutes, the carpet should be vacuumed again, collecting from it all the small particles of the mixture obtained. After that, you can proceed to wet cleaning.

Woman vacuuming the carpet.

There are also other recipes for preparing surface fresheners for the carpet.

For example, it is necessary to add baking soda to a matchbox, as well as a few drops of your favorite essential oil. After that, sprinkle the mixture evenly over the carpet or rug. After 20 minutes, the carpet should be vacuumed, after which you can begin wet cleaning.

You can also mix one cup of corn starch, the same amount of baking soda and 15 drops of any essential oil. The resulting mixture should be sprinkled on the carpet, let it sit for 20 minutes, and then vacuum the carpet.

Home handyman

The popularity of the device is increasing every day. Housewives around the planet breathed a sigh of relief with the appearance of indispensable helpers. Difficulties of washing carpets familiar to everyone, and a washing vacuum cleaner greatly simplifies the process. People who suffer from allergies treat these handymen with special appreciation.

The vacuum cleaner has undergone many transformations before it came before us in a modern version. The first models were ineffective, poorly handled laundry, had an impressive size. Today’s compact appliances can handle all types of surfaces (including laminate), keeping your home clean and fresh.

Carpet vacuuming

Other Dirt

This method can be used, removing also:

  • rust;
  • food coloring;
  • gravy;
  • shoe polish;
  • blood;
  • paint.
  1. Treat with detergent.
  2. Soak with a cloth and treat with ammonia alcohol, soak again.
  3. Wipe with detergent and water.
  4. Wipe with a napkin a few times to dry.

After the procedure of removing the stains it is desirable to take the carpet outdoors, where the odors from the used agents will quickly evaporate and the surface will dry.


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