Bissell turboclean powerbrush carpet cleaner for pets 2806

Bissell turboclean powerbrush carpet cleaner for pets 2806

bissell turboclean powerbrush carpet cleaner for pets 2806

The 6 best vacuum cleaners Bissell

The manufacturer attracts customers with a variety of cleaning technologies. Bissell vacuum cleaners are effective, but at the same time easy to maintain equipment.

The best vacuum cleaners Bissell

The rating presents updated models of vacuum cleaners, which have become even more convenient in operation and maintenance. Especially the American manufacturer succeeds in washing devices.

Bissell 2602D ICON pet

For pet owners

The wireless model was specially created for dry cleaning of hair and other dirt that occurs in the house where four-legged people live. Its removable handheld unit helps in the care of furniture.

A notable feature of the vacuum cleaner ICON pet was a special design of turbo brush, the bristles are not wound hair and fur. Motorized nozzle with LED lights provides such an increase in force traction that the absorbed debris immediately rolls into the container.

  • 150 Watt suction power
  • operating time 50 min
  • dust container capacity 0,4 l
  • weight 3,2 kg

The TurboBrush Mini Brush effectively cleans textile upholstery and stairs, picks up hair and undercoat. Lighted slotted nozzle makes it easy to clean dark corners and other hard-to-reach places.

Bare Floor Soft Brush is another interesting tool in the form of a roller with soft bristles. The attachment attracts micro particles that would normally be blown around by other vacuums.

The Smart Seal Allergen system ensures that it is airtight. All trapped dust stays inside the unit and does not settle on the body. The dust canister is designed so that when you shake it out, the debris simply slides down, not getting your hands dirty.

The vacuum has 3 power modes to work with all types of floor coverings, including low and medium pile carpet, tile, and parquet.

We liked the high performance model and the original package. It’s great that the vacuum cleaner can be used as a full-size and handheld versions, especially since the control is on the handle. And the multi-level filtration makes the ICON pet suitable for allergy sufferers.

Bissell 2765N CrossWave Cordless Max

Cordless vacuum cleaner with aqua filter

A cordless vacuum cleaner for hard floors and carpets up to 2 cm pile height. Safe for tiles, wooden floors, linoleum. Recommended for pet owners and suitable for rooms up to 100 m².

Bissell CrossWave vacuums and cleans simultaneously, saving owners time and effort during cleaning. The mesh filter installed in the debris compartment separates coarse particles from water. At the end of the job, you can simply pour the collected liquid down the sink without fear of clogging it.

  • 100 W suction power
  • stand-by time 30 min
  • dust container capacity 0,55 l
  • water tank 0,83 l
  • weight 5,22 kg

Rotating motorized turbo brush is perfect for maneuvering between interior objects. It not only has suction channels in the middle but also on the sides so cleaning performance along walls and in corners increases up to 60%.

Carpets that can be damp cleaned are treated with detergent solution. In this case you can not only refresh the surface, but also remove stains.

There is a self-cleaning brush function that activates when the unit returns to the docking station. The charging base also serves as a tray for drying and storing the cleaner.

We liked the fact that wet cleaning involves giving you clean water throughout the entire cycle. Also, the turbo brush self-cleaning option is very convenient. However, the duration of the autonomous work of the vacuum cleaner is short – you can not fully clean a large apartment on one charge.

Bissell 2983N MultiReach Ion XL 36 V

The best cordless vacuum cleaner for dry vacuuming

The MultiReach is designed to clean smooth floor surfaces and carpets. The removable handheld unit also cleans furniture upholstery, stairs and the car interior.

The unit is equipped with a handle that bends in two directions. This allows the vacuum to get as close as possible to the baseboards, without forcing the owner to bend over. Rotating turbo brush and folding boom provide excellent handling and maneuverability. One click and you have a Handheld Vacuum in your hands.

  • operating time 95 min
  • dust canister capacity 0,6 l
  • weight 2,6 kg

The suction power regulator is located on the handle within easy reach of the fingers. Using the buttons, you can also turn on the motorized brush and activate the traction on the edges of the nozzle (dirt is sucked there through special cavities).

Powerful motor works relatively quietly. Battery with an increased capacity guarantees a long cleaning, so the vacuum cleaner is used in large rooms.

Additional accessories, of which there are 5 pieces in the set, are stored at the base of the charger.

We liked the increased suction power with good autonomy, ease of maintenance and a decent set of vacuum cleaner. Maneuverability of this model is also good, but its access under the furniture is still limited.

Bissell 2571N HydroWave

The best vacuum cleaner for cleaning carpets

Vertical washing vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning hard floors, carpets, mattresses. It is good for lifting pile and restoring textiles to their original color.

When it comes to the washable vacuum cleaner, the imagination draws a cumbersome, clumsy device. Not in this case. The HydroWave is a compact upright for wet cleaning.

  • Power consumption 385 watts
  • dust canister capacity 0,6 l
  • water tank 1,7 l
  • weight 6 kg

The handle is retractable and when folded, it is only 87 cm tall for easy storage. An 8m cord is long enough to clean a small apartment without having to switch between outlets too often.

The dirty water container has a float that stops it sucking up when the maximum liquid level is reached, an important feature considering its small volume.

There are two modes to choose from: express and deep cleaning. The amount of soap solution is regulated by pressing the trigger. All debris is collected in the aqua-filter, which neutralizes allergens and dust mites.

Expanded motorized brush base with 10 rows of stiff bristles increases coverage. In addition to the carpet nozzle, the set includes a roller for hard floors and detergent to remove stubborn stains.

The manufacturer assures that a carpet treated in express mode will dry within 30 minutes.

We liked the carpet dry-cleaning feature, but the vacuum cleaner certainly doesn’t handle smooth surfaces as well. A telescopic handle that adjusts to the user’s height and a stand for vertical drying of the appliance and rollers are all pluses, too.

Bissell 2223N CrossWave Advanced

Versatile upright vacuum cleaner

Bissell CrossWave vacuums and cleans most types of floors, effectively collects hair and removes dirt from carpets.

CrossWave is a multifunctional system that cleans dry, wet and dry surfaces all at once. Thanks to the high-speed roller, the work cycle is even shorter. If you want, you can only vacuum without scrubbing the floor.

  • 210 watts suction power
  • dust container capacity 0,62 l
  • water tank 0,82 l
  • weight 5 kg

Low-profile, electrically powered rotary turbo brush freely navigates between furniture legs. Microfiber combination roller with a row of medium-hard bristle bristles cleans well for smooth floor coverings.

The carpet cleaner has two rows of stiff bristles to eliminate stubborn dirt.

Bissell turboclean powerbrush carpet cleaner for pets

Dirty water tank has a removable filter that separates solid debris from liquid for hygienic disposal. The cleaner’s stand tray is equipped with a detergent compartment where the brush is self-cleaning.

We liked the efficiency and productivity of the vacuum cleaner, which seriously saves time on cleaning. The water intensity is adjustable, and the floors are virtually dry at the end of a wet cleaning.

Bissell 1977N Vac&Steam

Steam vacuum for cleaning and disinfecting

Vac&Steam is used for cleaning and stain removal on all types of flooring. It is suitable for small households.

It is a multifunctional device that can simultaneously vacuum and steam clean your smooth surfaces or do both separately. It restores the carpet pile to its original texture, eliminating bacteria and mites.

  • power consumption 1600 watts
  • dust-collector capacity 0,95 l
  • water tank 0,4 l
  • weight 4,8 kg

After 30 seconds of plugging the device into the outlet the water is heated to 90 – 95 ° C. By means of an electronic regulator, Bissell automatically adjusts the amount of steam supplied. Manual control modes by means of buttons.

When collecting dirt, the device separates the solid particles from the liquid, which facilitates the disposal of waste and subsequent cleaning of containers. Boiler pre-filter removes minerals from tap water, protecting against lime deposits. As a bonus, it comes with aroma capsules.

We liked the high suction power combined with environmentally friendly surface disinfection – without the use of chemicals. Convenient to work and maneuverable nozzle with a swivel joint.

Features of Bissell vacuum cleaners

CrossWave range.

Range of wireless and networked vacuum cleaners for wet and dry vacuum cleaning of all surfaces.

The cleaning equipment is equipped with Dual (Two) Tank Technology which separates the clean water from the dirt tank. This allows the series vacuums to clean floors more thoroughly, while remaining manageable and mobile.

Detergents are often included to increase cleaning efficiency. For example, Pet Clean Formula is designed to remove odors. And its plant-based base is safe for use by family members, including animals.

The multi-purpose docking station is also noteworthy. Not only does it act as a charger and parking spot, but it also cleans the main nozzle on its own. Litter, hair, dirt from feed channels and turbo brush roller are automatically flushed away.

MultiReach Series

A class of wireless dry-cleaning models that transform into hand-held vacuum cleaners thanks to a removable unit. With each version update, the battery capacity increases.

The exclusive EdgeReach technique is created for this range: when you activate this feature, the thrust is redirected towards the side of the brush. This targeted suction is used to clean along baseboards, to remove debris trapped under furniture.

The MultiReach vacuums boom is a two-piece module with a sliding joint. This ingenious technology, dubbed Swivel, expands the range of applications. The swivel handle gives you more maneuverability.


Can I use my CrossWave vacuum cleaner for dry vacuuming?

Yes, it can. Fill the collection tank with a small amount of water to optimize the machine’s performance, and then vacuum in peace.

What temperature water do I fill the tank of my wet vac with?

We recommend that you only use lukewarm water. Hot water will deform the tank, while cold water is less effective at removing stains.

Can I add vinegar to the steam vac water?

Never pour descalers, alcohol solutions or harsh detergents into the steam cleaner tank. This is not safe and will damage the equipment. Use only purified water to refill it – that’s all you can do to prevent limescale.

turboclean powerbrush carpet cleaner Bissell


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