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  • The moosoo steam cleaner review

    the moosoo steam cleaner review How to choose a steam cleaner for your home: tips for smart housewives Steam cleaner is quite capable of replacing your rag with cleaning chemicals. It can also be used to steam your clothes and disinfect them. Here’s how to choose the right steam cleaner for your clothes. Every housewife […]

  • Suit steam cleaner for clothes

    How to choose steam cleaner for clothes: efficiency and safety criteria In one of the social networks there was a survey: what item you practically gave up in recent years? Two-thirds of those who participated in it named the iron. But almost half with a caveat: I have a steam cleaner instead. Over the years, the […]

  • How to clean a carpet with a steam cleaner

      Many housewives say that it is not very difficult to clean the carpet with a steam cleaner. But what is a steam cleaner? How does this household appliance work? How much does it cost, and can you use a steam cleaner to restore your carpet to its pristine condition? And if so, how to […]

  • Best steam cleaner for tiles

    best steam cleaner for tiles Top 15 best steam cleaners for home: Rating 2022 by price/quality and which handheld model to choose For thorough cleaning in the house and removal of dirt from any surfaces, you need a multi-functional modern device that can get rid not only of visible dirt, but also of harmful bacteria […]

  • Sunci ss1000 handheld steam cleaner

    sunci ss1000 handheld steam cleaner Top 15 best steam cleaners Cleaning a surface from dirt is a task that can’t always be dealt with in a few minutes. Some types of dirt require serious physical effort and the use of aggressive chemicals. But there is a more effective way to remove dirt in the shortest […]

  • High Pressure Steam Cleaner karcher review

    Top 20 best steam cleaners for home: manual, household, professional Steam cleaner – the best helper for the home, allowing you to almost instantly clean the surface of the floor, remove dirt from the interior of the microwave or oven, tidy up the tiles in the bathroom or solve other problems to remove dirt and […]

  • Carpet steam cleaner Rug Doctor

    Steam cleaner for carpets. Reviews Planning to buy a carpet steam cleaner? Well, before you head to the store in search of a carpet steam cleaner, check out our reviews and learn about the best steam cleaners in the rankings below. The best steam cleaner models Carpets are an important element of interior decor. Whether […]

  • Car Carpet Steam Cleaner review

    car carpet steam cleaner review Choosing the best steam cleaner for your car It is possible to ascribe steam cleaners to universal household appliances. They are actively used during window washing, apartment cleaning, furniture cleaning. The presence of a large number of special nozzles allows high-quality and quick cleaning of the coating made of any […]

  • Steam cleaner with a hose

    steam cleaner with a hose The 16 best steam cleaners for the home For thorough cleaning in the house and removing dirt from any surfaces, you need a multifunctional modern device that can get rid not only of visible dirt, but also of harmful bacteria and mold spores. Such a device is a household steam […]