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  • The best vacuum cleaner for pets

    What is the best vacuum cleaner for cleaning pet hair: rating TOP-15 Owners of pets know that faithful and loyal animals are able to make human life much more joyful and happy. However, in addition to the beautiful moments, these fluffy residents bring into the house and a number of additional problems, one of which […]

  • Roborock dyad vacuum cleaner review Dry and Wet

    Roborock dyad best washable upright vacuum cleaner | what can it do? The company Roborock so accustomed to please us with innovations that they just can not make something simple and ordinary, such as everyone else. And the first cleaner from China immediately stands out against the competition – where else will you see such […]

  • Best corded vacuum cleaners ranking

    Top 45 best corded upright vacuum cleaners: ranking for 2022 For your home Varieties of upright vacuum cleaners Before studying the rating of the best models of upright vacuum cleaners, it is worth knowing that there are several types of such devices. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Wired. They work from the network, […]

  • Best Handheld vacuum cleaners review

    The best cordless vacuum cleaners 2022 When cordless vacuum cleaners were first introduced to the public, they played the role of a supplement to basic vacuum cleaners. Because of the short run time and low power, they were used to spot-clean dirty areas. Now everything has changed fundamentally. These devices are full-fledged and functional. The […]

  • Hose for a vacuum cleaner Electrolux

    Vacuum Cleaner Motor Speed Regulator Diagrams Recall that a triac is commonly called a modification of the thyristor, which plays the role of a semiconductor switch with a non-linear characteristic. Its main difference from the basic device is in the bilateral conductivity at the transition to the “open” mode of operation, when the current is […]

  • The best bagless vacuum cleaner review

    The best bagless vacuum cleaners: 2022 ranking You can’t do without a vacuum cleaner to keep your home clean. There is a large variety of vacuum cleaners with different design features, power, additional functionality and pricing. A separate place take the bagless models of vacuum cleaners, which have not lost their demand for several years. […]

  • Best handheld vacuum cleaner for motorhomes

    Top 10 best handheld vacuum cleaners for home and car In home cleaning we are greatly helped by indispensable devices – vacuum cleaners. Most housewives are used to the fact that it is quite cumbersome equipment, which is very noisy, often heats up and at the same time far from always collects all the dust. […]

  • Vacuum cleaner with steam cleaning Kitfort and KARCHER

    The 20 Best Steam Vacuum Cleaners Vacuum cleaner with a steam generator allows you to treat surfaces with a jet of cold or hot steam. It effectively cleans surfaces and disinfects them, collects dust particles. The 2021 rating presents the best models. What is a steam vacuum cleaner By design, such a vacuum cleaner is […]

  • How to repair a vacuum cleaner with your own hands?

    The most common breakdowns and their repair The service life of vacuum cleaners is on average 5-10 years, and the warranty repair provided by the manufacturer or distributor company – 1-2 years. During this time, the equipment rarely fails. Exceptions are factory defects, cheap and low-quality products. Therefore, if the unit breaks down after the […]

  • Vacuum Cleaner Bulbs – how I bought a Polaris vacuum cleaner

    The light is incomprehensible: how I bought a Polaris vacuum cleaner with a UV lamp and what came of it Leonid is satisfied with his new cordless vacuum cleaner: it cleans a two-shirt in 15 minutes, does not get tangled in wires and helps to clean the car. However, the device has its own peculiarities. […]