Cleaning vacuum cleaner for carpets Samsung and Philips

Cleaning vacuum cleaner for carpets Samsung and Philips dustbag filling indicator regulator power

The 20 best vacuum cleaners for cleaning carpets and furniture

A lot of fine dust is left on the carpet pile and upholstery of upholstered furniture. It can cause irritation, allergies. A special vacuum cleaner for furniture and carpeting effectively removes such dirt. Rating 2021 will tell you about the best models.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner for cleaning carpets and furniture

Let’s consider the most important criteria for choosing such equipment.

Type of cleaning

Vacuum cleaners can have two types of cleaning – dry and wet. Most often there are devices designed for dry cleaning. They are quite lightweight, inexpensive, and quiet. But such devices are primarily designed for smooth surfaces.

If you need to clean furniture and carpets, it is better to consider washing models. They more effectively remove dirt from the pile, cope with wet debris, liquids.

Washing vacuum cleaners not only clean surfaces, but also filter the air, so they are suitable for people with asthma and allergies.

Such models are more versatile, as they usually have a dry cleaning mode as well. But it is better not to use them for carpets with thick pile and wooden floors, because moisture is retained there. Also, vacuum cleaners with wet cleaning are heavier than conventional vacuum cleaners, after cleaning they need to be washed.


When choosing a device, pay attention to the suction power, not the consumption. It determines the efficiency of cleaning. For carpets and rugs, the minimum value should be 300 watts. If the pile is very long, you need even higher power. Otherwise, it will not be possible to achieve deep cleaning, the carpet will only be saturated with water, which the device will not be able to suck back. Some devices are equipped with a power control.

Type of vacuum cleaner

Nowadays, the capacity of vacuum cleaners for cleaning sofas and other surfaces are represented by three options.

  1. Reusable or disposable bags. The latter are sometimes made of durable paper. Reusable ones require frequent washing. But when the bags are full, the suction power is reduced.
  2. Cyclonic containers, inside which dust and dirt are trapped due to air circulation, causing a small tornado. But they are noisy and do not retain small particles.
  3. Aquafilters are the modern version of a dust collector. Debris and dust get wet and settle in the water tank, so the air comes out as clean and humidified as possible.

Available at.

The different surfaces can be cleaned more effectively with nozzles. For upholstered furniture, you’ll need a dry-cleaning nozzle, which will freshen up the product and even bring back its bright color. There are also spray nozzles, which will help with flower care, and dusting nozzles. The latter options will get rid of dust not only the surface of the furniture, but also the filler.

Dry vacuum cleaners are mostly regular devices that can be used daily. Thanks to the turbo brush, they help to clean all the lint, remove hair and hair. Therefore, even budget models are good for carpets.

Candy CAFB2100 019

  • cleaning type: dry.
  • dust bag: 2.3 L
  • suction power: 250 W
  • power consumption: 2100 W
  • accessories: turbo brush
  • extras: automatic cord rewinding
  • suction tube: telescopic

Power. The presence of different brushes, including turbo.

The hose can twist and kink and does not collect dust. But it doesn’t break! Thin insulation of the power cord, as if over time not frayed. It is better not to pull the cord.

The cleaning process is effective. The best vacuum cleaner of this type.

Samsung SC5251

Samsung SC5251 - type of cleaning: dry
Samsung SC5251 - dust bag: 2 liters
Samsung SC5251 - suction power: 410 W
Samsung SC5251 - power consumption: 1800 W
Samsung SC5251 - comes with: turbo brush
Samsung SC5251 - features: dust bag full indicator, power control on the body
Samsung SC5251 - suction tube: telescopic
Samsung SC5251 - dimensions: 28x23.80x39.50 cm
  • cleaning type: dry.
  • dust bag: bag, 2 l
  • suction power: 410 W
  • power consumption: 1800 W
  • accessories: turbo brush
  • Special features: a dustbag filling indicator, the regulator of power on the body
  • suction tube: telescopic
  • dimensions: 28×23.80×39.50 cm

Uncomfortable vertical parking. The handle whistles and the air hisses. Probably too big of a gap.

This vacuum cleaner made me surprised from the moment I met it, right behind the counter the employee turned it on to the max, put his hand up to the hose opening and effortlessly lifted the vacuum cleaner. I can hardly walk away from this painting 😀 I immediately tried the new device when I came home. And again only pleasant impression: maneuvers freely, crevice debris disappeared, hair from the carpet collected without effort (with the old vacuum cleaner had to go through three times on the carpet). Cleaned my 2-room apartment three times and the bag is only 75% clogged, while the suction power remained at the same level. Decided to try the paper bag that came with it, it turned out that the cat chewed it up a bit. I think it would have been fine for a second attempt but I didn’t want to risk it =) I bought it for 2400. For that kind of money it is a miracle, not a vacuum cleaner. I hope it lasts long, but about that later 😉

Samsung SC4181

Samsung SC4181 - type of cleaning: dry
Samsung SC4181 - dust bag: 3L
Samsung SC4181 - suction power: 350 W
Samsung SC4181 - power consumption: 1800 W
Samsung SC4181 - comes with: turbo brush
Samsung SC4181 - features: dust bag full indicator, power control on the body
Samsung SC4181 - suction tube: telescopic
Samsung SC4181 - dimensions: 27.50x36.50x23 cm
  • cleaning type: dry.
  • dust bag: 3 L
  • suction power: 350 W
  • power consumption: 1800 W
  • accessories: turbo brush
  • Special features: a dustbag filling indicator, the regulator of power on the body
  • suction tube: telescopic
  • dimensions: 27.50×36.50×23 cm

I bought this Korean burp, as ale18258417 put it. The purpose – a parquet floor, a lot of expensive furniture, a lot of potentially dusty surfaces and an old carpet, in need of care. this baby copes, space is not taken much, the noise is as well as any other vacuum cleaner, nozzles all came to the theme. I do not know why they write here about the inconvenience of shaking out the bag. dexterity requires as much as breaking an egg into a pan. additional pluses: hepa filter and blower function, which helps to fight dust in the cracks.

No disadvantages. the vacuum cleaner is simple and handy.

The previous vacuum cleaner Bosch BSG 82425 of the Hungarian assembling chose long and for a long time, more expensive and from Europe. after a year and a half had to look for his replacement. found!

This category includes the most productive and convenient devices with the most functionality. You can also use them to remove all the dust, hair, and hair. Therefore, you can use them to clean dust from furniture, carpets and other floor coverings.

Philips FC9174 Performer

Philips FC9174 Performer - type of cleaning: dry.
Philips FC9174 Performer - dust bag: 4 L
Philips FC9174 Performer - 500 W suction power
Philips FC9174 Performer - Power consumption: 2200 W
Philips FC9174 Performer - Turbo Brush (included)
  • cleaning type: dry.
  • dust bag: dust bag, 4 L
  • suction power: 500 Watt
  • power consumption: 2200 W
  • accessories: turbo brush
  • Special features: a dustbag filling indicator, the regulator of power on the body
  • suction tube: telescopic
  • dimensions: 32x28x50 cm

I decided last night, close to 12 at night, to try the vacuum cleaner I had brought the night before. I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised by how the turbo brush cleaned the carpet of cat hair. Zigzag, zigzag, and there is nothing. Okay, I think now we need to conduct a more difficult test – to vacuum the chair on which the cat sleeps. I’ll say right away, this chair only sleeps on the cat, I almost never clean it, so there was a lot of hair. I hooked a special nozzle and proceeded. From how quickly the hair disappeared, I must admit, I was shocked. The old vacuum cleaner was helplessly wiggling around on it, but this picked up everything at once. I used to think it was useless to fight cat hair, but now I hope to get rid of it for good.

It has been said here that the vacuum cleaner tube does not stand securely in the slots in the body of the vacuum cleaner. This is only true for the horizontal position. But in the vertical position the tube is just as it should be.

This is a great model! Perfectly adheres to the surface and vacuums very well. I am very happy with my purchase.

The only disadvantage, in my opinion, is that during the cleaning, when the brush is moving around on the carpet, it generates static electricity if you touch the metal parts of the pipe. But, on the other hand, it’s fun – you can scare the household.)))

Decent choice for reasonable money!

Cleaning vacuum cleaner for carpets Philips

Philips FC9573 PowerPro Active

Philips FC9573 PowerPro Active - type of cleaning: dry
Philips FC9573 PowerPro Active - dust bag: container, 1.5 l
Philips FC9573 PowerPro Active - Power suction power: 410 W
Philips FC9573 PowerPro Active - Power consumption: 1900 W
Philips FC9573 PowerPro Active - Turbo Brush included
Philips FC9573 PowerPro Active - features: Power regulator on the body
  • cleaning type: dry.
  • dust-collector: container, 1.5 l
  • suction power: 410 W
  • power consumption: 1900 W
  • accessories: turbo brush
  • Special features: a power regulator on the body
  • suction tube: modular
  • FxHxD: 28x28x41.20 cm

Not a big size, powerful, a lot of nozzles in the kit. It is easy to use.

I still can’t get enough of it! It is a very good model, combines compactness, power and practicality. Compact size allows convenient storage and carrying the vacuum cleaner. For carrying there is a special handle on top, thanks to which the weight is distributed evenly and there is no distortion. The dust container is easy to remove, but you must first disconnect the hose. I was pleased that it is not necessary to get your hands dirty, after you disconnect the hose, we press the button and pull out the container by the handle (yes, yes the container has its own handle!), near the handle of the container is a button similar to a lever that opens the lid, you release the button – the lid closes. A simple and reusable mechanism, here I see another plus besides clean hands, no need to spend money on bags! And that already saves time and money. As for power, there are 3 modes on board of the device, broken down by purpose: 1 for furniture, 2 for carpets and 3 for hard floor coverings, but that’s not all, there are the same on the handle of the hose, which allows you to adjust the desired power. At maximum power is difficult to rip the brush from the floor =) And on a complete set the manufacturer is not stingy. The main nozzle for all types of floors with retractable bristles, a nozzle with a twirling brush effectively helps deal with animal hair, furniture nozzle (by the way, is also good from hair, not only on furniture, but also on some things) crevice nozzle, and the hose itself retractable nozzle with a bristle – very convenient while cleaning) As a result, I received an excellent assistant without extra cost

Philips FC9734/01 PowerPro Expert

Philips FC9734/01 PowerPro Expert - type of cleaning: dry
Philips FC9734/01 PowerPro Expert - dust collector: container, 2L
Philips FC9734/01 PowerPro Expert - suction power: 470 W
Philips FC9734/01 PowerPro Expert - power consumption: 2100 W
Philips FC9734/01 PowerPro Expert - comes with: Turbo Brush
Philips FC9734/01 PowerPro Expert - features: power control on the device
Philips FC9734/01 PowerPro Expert - suction tube: telescopic
  • cleaning type: dry.
  • dust bag: container, 2 L
  • suction power: 470 W
  • power consumption: 2100 W
  • accessories: turbo brush
  • Special features: a power regulator on the body
  • suction tube: telescopic
  • Overall dimensions: 29.20×29.20×50.50 cm

Powerful, sucks the dust out of the carpets well. It has two handles, front and top – easy to carry horizontally and vertically, the container does not fall out of the vacuum cleaner, as with some models. The cord is quite long. There is a turbo brush to collect hair (female) and hair. You can wash the main filter. The blowing air does not stink of dust. A lot of nozzles, I have not tried them all. Not bulky. Easy to throw out the trash from the container. The body is quite robust and the plastic is of high quality.

The turbo brush is a little thick – fits under the cabinets. The power switch is on the housing and not on the handle.

I have been using it for a few months now. Good at picking up trash, much better than previous model with a bag. Never loses power when it is full. Has four levels of power, switch on the body, not usual. The device has no low power, but this is not possible in cyclone vacuum cleaners, it won’t separate the dust from the air. I recommend to check the filter on the container after each use, wash it as soon as the dirt appears. The filter is partly made of foam rubber. I suggest to wash it in a washing machine and dry it well, otherwise it will melt. Vacuum cleaner is very satisfied.

Samsung SC8836

Samsung SC8836 - type of cleaning: dry.
Samsung SC8836 - dust bag: container, 2L
Samsung SC8836 - Extractor power: 430W
Samsung SC8836 - power consumption: 2200 W
Samsung SC8836 - features: dust bag full indicator, power control on the body
Samsung SC8836 - Extractor suction tube: telescopic
Samsung SC8836 - dimensions: 28.20x49.20x36.50 cm
  • cleaning type: dry.
  • dust bag: container, 2 L
  • suction power: 430 W
  • power consumption: 2200 W
  • Special features: a dustbag filling indicator, the regulator of power on the body
  • suction tube: telescopic
  • dimensions: 28.20×49.20×36.50 cm

1. Easy telescopic tube. 2. Handy brush. 3. Easy to clean the dust canister.

More to do with the maintenance of the vacuum cleaner. 1. Informing the customer about the causes of the loss of power of the vacuum cleaner. Because of not changing the filter on time, the vacuum cleaner lost power, it is desirable to inform the customer when purchasing to change the filter on time, so as not to go to the service.

I have been using the vacuum cleaner (Samsung SC8836) for more than 3 years. It has a stylish design and several distinctive features because of which I chose this model. First of all, an attractive appearance. Secondly, the large transparent bulb (about 2 liters) to collect dust, which allows you to always see when you need to clean it. And thirdly, in my opinion the most important thing is the high suction power. It is necessary to carry to positive features of work: a) the big suction capacity – the flap in the average position allows to lift a carpet at cleaning. b) convenient transparent bulb signals about necessity of its cleaning, on an exit there is an air filter. That is, when the flask is full, or the vacuum cleaner long works, the air in the room is clean. c) a handy telescopic tube, allows you to get to any corner of the apartment. Small size telescopic tube is convenient for cleaning the room for my children. d) convenient brush with a switch carpet / floor, allows you to effectively clean the dust throughout the apartment, whether laminate surface in the hallway, hallway and kitchen or carpet in the kids’ rooms; e) cleaning system vacuum cleaner is very simple, my kids in a few minutes perform the cleaning of 2-liter bulb. The volume of the bulb allows you to clean a 3 room apartment more than 3 times without cleaning it. The disadvantages should include insufficient information about the work of the vacuum cleaner, which can lead to nervous breakdown. For example, after 2 years of operation, the vacuum cleaner lost its power. In the service center it was advised to change the filter. After changing the filter, the vacuum cleaner is working at full power again. If the set was a replacement filter, these problems would be excluded. Also, the telescopic tube can get clogged with large bundles of dust. It is easy to solve this problem, just fold the telescopic tube several times, and then put it under the tap with water, in a few seconds the clog will be removed. Conclusion: I like the vacuum cleaner, I recommend it for purchase.


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