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Frequently Asked Questions 
  • What is doggy daycare?
    Doggy daycare is similar to a childrens daycare, your pup is dropped off in the morning, and picked up in the evening, they have a day filled with activites including naptime, and snacktime just like at a regular daycare.

  • What is the process for admission to daycare?
    Each dog will be screened prior to daycare, they will undergo a interview day and placed in a suitable playgroup based on their size and personality. All dogs must be up to date with shots, and spayed or neutered if over the age of 6 months.

  • Can my puppy come to daycare?
    Yes, we do accept puppies, however, they must have there age appropriate vaccines. They also must be sturdy enough to play and over the age of 4 months.

  • What if I can't pick up my dog before closing time?
    Please let us know ahead of time and special arrangements can be made for drop off service. If you do not notify us ahead of time, and your dog is not picked up prior to closing, we will board your dog overnight at your expense.

  • Is it true my dog can get Kennel Cough (Bordatellosis) in a facility like yours?
    We wish we could say it never happens, but unfortunately, it does very infrequently. We take every precaution to prevent this virus in our facility. Although we adhere strictly to the requirement that each dog be properly vaccinated against Bordatella AND follow a stringent and ongoing cleaning process, Kennel Cough may still occur. Even in the most hygienic, well-ventilated, spacious kennels the possibility of a dog acquiring Kennel Cough exists. Kennel Cough can be acquired from your neighbor's dog, from a champion show dog at a dog show, from the animal hospital where your dog just received his shots or was treated for a cut paw... There may have been an infected dog, unknown to anyone, that acted as a source for other dogs. Infected dogs can spread the organisms for days to weeks even after seeming to have fully recovered! Most at risk for Kennel Cough are young dogs (under 1 year), senior dogs, and dogs who are recovering from an injury or surgery or otherwise have a compromised immune system. For more information on Kennel Cough, visit: For more information about Canine Influenza (the 'dog flu'), visit: or

  • What can I expect from my dog after she has boarded with you?
    Your dog will be excited to see you! But once he or she gets home, they may act very tired or sleep more than usual. Don't worry! This is quite common. Remember, your dog spent each day here romping and playing with others - likely engaging in more activity than usual. Think of spending a week at the gym! And like us, he/she may be a little sore and in need of some rest. As many owners have told us, it only takes a day or two and their dog is back to normal. Allow your dog to rest up quietly and enjoy the time to cuddle up with your special friend!

  • My dog has special needs, can he/she play at Wooftown?
    We have many deaf dogs, blind dogs, dogs with seizure disorders, and mobility issues that board, and play in daycare! We ask that you speak with your vet about how much activity your dog can handle safely.

  • Can my dog get hurt in daycare?
    Yes, anytime your dog is in a group setting with other dogs, they can be injured. Since dogs use their feet and mouth when playing, a dog can sustain an injury very easily.

  • My dog is destructive at home, will this be a problem if he boards with you?
    Yes, since we do not have chain link kennels here, we can only take non destructive dogs. If they can open doors/latches or if they chew walls/doors, they will not be able to board with us, unless the owner brings in his/her crate from home.

  • Do you accept all breeds?
    YES! We do not breed ban!

  • Can I watch my dog play with the other dogs?
    Yes, We do have a webcam that is live during business hours ( except during naptime). We do not allow customers into the back play area while their dog is in the group. This is for the safety of our staff as well as other customers dogs. If your dog was to see you, and could not get to you, that creates stress, which can trigger a fight within the group.

To make overnight reservations please do so by going to "online reservations"

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Wooftown Doggy Daycare
130 Buell Road
Rochester NY 14624
Phone: (585)298-3001 Phone: (585)436-9555

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SUNDAY  10:00am-12:00pm BY RESERVATION

Please check out our Calendar for more information on Holiday hours for boarding!

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