Green carpet cleaner machine review

Green carpet cleaner machine review

green carpet cleaner machine review

The 15 best cleaning vacuum cleaners

  1. The best vacuum cleaners with an extra bag for dry vacuuming
  2. Best Wash Vacuum Cleaners with Aquafilter
  3. Best Washable Vacuum Cleaners with 2-in-1 Exchangeable Vacuum Cleaner Bin
  4. Best Washable Robot Vacuum Cleaners
  5. Best steam cleaning vacuum cleaners

The question of how much of a household’s need for a detergent vacuum cleaner is controversial in forums. The two dominant points of view: “I bought it, I use it, and I am very satisfied.” “I bought it, I don’t use it, it gets dusty in the closet – money wasted. And no one categorically advise!

And why? Because the vacuum cleaners (regardless of model and manufacturer) have both advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is that with their help, you can make wet cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture. And in this case there is almost no alternative to a wet vacuum cleaner. Another advantage is that they are very convenient for cleaning the salon of the car. They are indispensable during repair – collect construction dust or wallpaper glue from the floor, wash heating radiators.

As for the disadvantages:

  • they are bulky, heavy and clumsy;
  • they take much more space than a usual vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning;
  • they are noisy;
  • after cleaning they need to be thoroughly cleaned and dried.
  • Many manufacturers before vacuuming in “wash” mode – recommend first vacuuming in the normal “dry” mode.

So, this unit will not save you time on cleaning. And if the floors of the house are hard (linoleum flooring, laminate or parquet) – then wash the floor with such a vacuum cleaner is not always convenient. After cleaning owners of equipment waiting for painstaking disassembly and drying, which is not justified labor. It is much easier to use grandmother’s old tool – a mop.

But if the floor is carpeting or large carpets – then a wet vacuum cleaner becomes a necessity – because there are simply no other ways to regularly wet clean the carpet. And a dry vacuum cleaner – even a very good one – is not able to clean all the dirt stuck to the nap of the carpet. Detergent copes with this task much better (although it should be noted that, too, not always ideal). Anyway, the cleanliness and freshness in the house after its work will both please and pleasantly surprise you.

And what is he – a good vacuum cleaner? Our rating list will help you answer this question.

Rating – 15 best vacuum cleaners 2021-2022 – according to reviews of users of such equipment

Category Place Name Rating
The best vacuum cleaners with an extra bag for dry vacuuming 1 Vax 7151 9.3 / 10
2 Thomas TWIN Panther 9.2 / 10
3 Karcher SE 4002 9.1 / 10
Best Wash Vacuum Cleaners with Aquafilter 1 Thomas VESTFALIA XT 9.7 / 10
2 Thomas TWIN T1 Aquafilter 9.6 / 10
3 Arnica Hydra Rain Plus 9.2 / 10
Best Washable Vacuum Cleaners with 2-in-1 Exchangeable Vacuum Cleaner Bin 1 Thomas DryBox Amfibia Family 9.8 / 10
2 Thomas Aqua Pet & Family 9.7 / 10
3 Thomas Allergy & Family 9.6 / 10
4 Bosch BWD421PET 9.5 / 10
Best Washable Robot Vacuum Cleaners 1 HOBOT Legee 688 9.8 / 10
2 iLife W400 9.6 / 10
3 Everybot EDGE 9.5 / 10
Best steam cleaning vacuum cleaners 1 Becker VAP-3 9.4 / 10
2 Polti FAV30 9.3 / 10
3 KARCHER SV 7 9.3 / 10

The best vacuum cleaners with an extra bag for dry vacuuming

Vax 7151

Opened our rating of the best vacuum cleaners model of the company Vax. And for good reason – it was the founder of the company VAX Alain Breizer invented in 1977 the first vacuum cleaner, and the company Vax UK Ltd (UK) has released these units in 1982 to retailers, instantly gaining popularity in the market. Vax 7151 Specifications:

  • Suction power/consumption: 280/1500 watts
  • Cleaning: wet/dry
  • Options: vertical suction pipe parking on the body, dust bag fill indicator
  • Overall dimensions: 32x32x56 cm
  • Accessories: a carpet / floor nozzle to remove dust, turbo brush for upholstery and dry cleaning, upholstery cleaning, wet carpet cleaning, cleaning hard surfaces and upholstery upholstery, crevice

Vacuum cleaner with a large set of nozzles. Excellent to clean mattresses, upholstery upholstery, wash the floors. Due to its simple design, vacuum cleaner is quite easy to care for and keep clean.

  • The size of the vacuum cleaner does not allow you to quickly find a secluded place to store it.
  • Many people did not like the lack of easy control of the water supply and the handle at the bucket.

Thomas TWIN Panther

This model is positioned by the manufacturer as a compact, detergent-free vacuum cleaner, designed for users who prefer to use a traditional dust bag for dry cleaning instead of the now popular aquafilter. And there is a reason: the noise level of such models is much lower, there is no need to wash the vacuum cleaner after each use (dry, of course), the volume of the bag is quite large (6 liters) and does not require frequent replacement. Not surprisingly, for many users, these factors are crucial.

As for the wet cleaning mode, the presented model has a roomy filling capacity that allows you to do without frequent interruptions in the process of cleaning. The nozzles included may not be particularly diverse, but they are sufficient for basic tasks. What’s available:

  • Universal dry-cleaning carpet/floor brush;
  • Thread-cleaning nozzle for furniture and crevice nozzle;
  • Spray nozzle for wet carpet cleaning and adapter for hard surfaces;
  • Steel telescopic tube.
  • Compactness;
  • Quality dry and wet cleaning;
  • Reasonable price;
  • Production – Germany.
  • Includes only one disposable bag.
  • Thomas TWIN Leopard – the volume of the dust bag 6 liters, a more bright design of the case
  • Thomas TWIN Tiger – similar model

A good German vacuum cleaner, which, unlike most detergents, is not heavy, quite maneuverable and quiet in operation. I liked the model so that it can be used as the only vacuum cleaner in the house. I use it for dry vacuuming until the bag is full, and then for washing.

Karcher SE 4002

Karcher SE 4002 – a household multi-functional washing vacuum cleaner from the German brand, designed for effective dry and wet cleaning of the premises. It confidently copes with cleaning as textile surfaces (carpets, rugs, furniture), and hard flooring (linoleum, ceramic tiles, stone).

The spraying of detergent solution with extraction ensures deep penetration into the carpet pile, and a decent suction power and efficient moisture collection system significantly reduces drying time. The detergent delivery system is integrated in the hose.

The housing is made of impact-resistant plastic and is equipped with a special 3-in-1 handle for easy opening, carrying and emptying of the tank. The clear and durable plastic water tank can be easily removed for filling or emptying and then simply put back in again.

  • Robust construction;
  • Large selection of nozzles for different modes;
  • High quality wet cleaning;
  • Easy maintenance and care;
  • European assembly (Italy).
  • Dimensions and weight;
  • No automatic winding of the power cord.
  • KARCHER SE 4001 – crevice and parquet nozzle, noise level 73dB/69dB

The advantage of this wet vacuum cleaner over others is the ease of assembly/disassembly and cleaning. Everything is clear and simple. High capacity paper bags and attachments for all occasions. Superior cleaning performance. Your carpets and upholstered furniture look brand new.

Best Wash Vacuum Cleaners with Aquafilter


Extraordinary washing vacuum cleaner from a famous German brand. Performs several functions at once: the classic dry, wet cleaning (including the collection of liquids), air cleaning. Is made in Germany. As a dust collector is used a proprietary filter Aqua-Box of the new generation. At an exit it is established HEPA element of superfine clearing which does not demand replacement as it is washable.

The power indicators are not bad: 1700 W – consumption, 325 – suction. Adjustment possibility for different types of surfaces is realized – 3 modes with indicator-hints. Tank for washing solution of 1.8 l in volume. The same amount of dirty water can be collected.

Pleased with a chic set of nozzles for all occasions. For dry mode is a standard floor / scrubber, turbo brush with a removable cover for easy cleaning, crevice, for upholstered furniture. For wet – carpet (with hinged adapter for smooth floors), for upholstered furniture.

  • Aquafilter does not reduce suction power;
  • “Stainless” telescopic tube;
  • Bottle with detergent concentrate (250ml) included;
  • Autorewindable power cord – 8 m (full working radius – 11);
  • Brand warranty service – 24 months.
  • Noise – 81 dB;
  • Decent size, weight (8.25 kg).
  • Thomas PARKETT MASTER XT – nozzles for dry and wet cleaning of parquet and laminate
  • Thomas TWIN XT – no turbo brush
  • Thomas Mokko XT Aqua-Box – 1600 watts of power (320 suction), no turbo brush, electronic power control on the body, a simple cleaning nozzle + adapter for the floor

A good bagless vacuum cleaner that cleans any coatings and even cleans the air, humidifies. Do not call it maneuverable and lightweight, but other cleaning models are even more cumbersome. In addition, the German.

Thomas TWIN T1 Aquafilter

Continues our rating of the best washable vacuum cleaners inexpensive maneuverable vacuum cleaner, which allows for quality cleaning. The device is made of quality plastic, easy to care for and operate. In addition, the device does not require much space for storage. A big plus is the low weight of the vacuum cleaner.

  • Power Consumption: 1600 Watt
  • Cleaning: wet/dry
  • Options: foot switch on the body, auto winding cord (6m), vertical suction pipe parking on the body
  • Dimensions: 32x48x35 cm
  • Accessories: carpet cleaning, crevice, for dry and wet cleaning of upholstered furniture, wet carpet cleaning with an adapter for hard surfaces
  • weight 8.4 kg
  • Owners are unhappy that the device does not have a power regulator, and for a large apartment – rather short cord.
  • When wet cleaning, the cover gets dirty, and it is quite difficult to remove it for washing.

Now I realized that I wasn’t cleaning, I was spreading dirt, masking it in the palace. Thomas is the best vacuum cleaner, I recommend it!

Arnica Hydra Rain Plus.

Next in our rating is another inexpensive, but very decent washing vacuum cleaner from the Turkish manufacturer. It combines the functions of dry and wet cleaning, and is able to capture even the smallest dust, thanks to a patented filtration system DWS. After cleaning, your home will always be clean and fresh, and adding a scented liquid to the water will fill your home with pleasant fragrances.

The possibilities of vacuum cleaner is very wide:

  • Dry cleaning function with an aqua filter;
  • Wet mopping;
  • Collection of spilled liquid (up to 6 liters);
  • Work on the blow-out.

It is impossible not to note the rich complete set Arnica Hydra Rain Plus, including two reinforced hose for different types of cleaning, a universal set of nozzles for cleaning carpet and hard carpeting, floors and upholstered furniture. A set for dry cleaning is supplemented with a turbo brush. And to complete the picture the manufacturer did not hesitate to add a universal shampoo and fragrance.

  • Aquafilter + washable HEPO;
  • High power (2400W/350Aerowatts);
  • Fragrance function;
  • Warranty – 3 years.
  • Noise;
  • Large size;
  • No cord reeling.
  • ARNICA Hydra Rain – no nozzle for upholstered furniture and turbo brush

Vacuum cleaner looks good, aqua filter, a lot of nozzles. Despite the external similarity to the separator models, this vacuum cleaner is not (and never positioned so). The device is equipped with water and HEPO filters, has a high suction power and an attractive price.

Best Washable Vacuum Cleaners with 2-in-1 Exchangeable Vacuum Cleaner Bin

Thomas DryBox Amfibia Family

Practical and versatile as never before. The possibilities are incredibly wide, and the real hallmark or, if you want, know-how of the German company is the ability to choose between two different filtration and dust collection systems.

For quick and comfortable dry cleaning, there is a DryBox container, which applies the technology of fractional separation of dust. The large debris is collected in the large central compartment, while the smaller particles are concentrated in the two side compartments. The first one is emptied by opening the lid, the others are easy to rinse with water. Continuous cleaning is not required, but is done as it fills up.

An alternative option is the proprietary AquaBox with water filtration and simultaneous humidification. Washing mode is supported by two containers for clean and dirty water and special nozzles: carpet with an adapter for floors, small for working with upholstered furniture. The set of “dry” accessories: classic carpet/floor brush, with horsehair and felt for laminate/parquet, for furniture, crevice tip, brush.

  • Powerful motor – 1700 watts, suction – 325 aW;
  • Electronic adjustment on the body;
  • Washable HEPA 13 filter;
  • Collection of liquids up to 1.8 liters;
  • Long mains cord – 8 m (cleaning radius – 11).
  • No turbo brush (can be purchased);
  • Serious weight – 8.25 kg.
  • Thomas DryBox Amfibia Pet – different color design, turbo brush included

Beautiful and functional vacuum cleaner with two containers. Not small, but for this type of device is quite normal. A lot of nozzles, washes well. Although more often used in dry mode with the appropriate box.

Green carpet cleaner machine carpet review

Thomas Aqua Pet & Family

The Thomas washing model is again among the favorites. And who, in fact, can compete for leadership with this German company? Somehow the former serious competitors – Philips, Rowenta, Vax and many others – either have lost faith in the future prospects of equipment for wet cleaning, or simply decided not to be present in the American market.

The Pet & Family has only one container – an Aqua-Box, but a special 6-liter bag made of HEPA material can be installed instead. The bracket-adapter is equipped with a closing valve, so that it is not necessary to shake out every time.

Here’s the list of basic technical specifications: 1700 W motor, suction power 325 AER, solution tank capacity 1.8L, the same amount of water is collected inside. A set of cleaning nozzles: large for carpets and floors, small for furniture upholstery, textiles. “Dry” set: for upholstered furniture, crevice, floor/mop, turbo brush (removable cover).

  • Technology Wet-Jet, suppressing dust at the entrance to the Aqua-Box (water wall effect);
  • Cleaning of different surfaces from pet hair;
  • Washable filters;
  • Made in Germany;
  • Beneficial 2-year warranty.
  • No brush for parquet, laminate (purchased separately);
  • Small size of water tank.

For a long time we chose a washing model of vacuum cleaner, and came to the conclusion that besides Thomas something really decent can not be found. This particular model fits because of the optimal characteristics and equipment. At the moment we have no complaints.

Thomas Allergy & Family

A washable vacuum cleaner with a wide range of features, complete with air cleaning and washing function. Dry cleaning mode is available in two versions: with a dust bag (6 liters) or without it using the proprietary system Aqua-Box (aqua-filter). For fine air purification a washable HEPA filter and an exhaust microfilter are additionally available.

This vacuum cleaner model is adapted by default for effective and safe cleaning of parquet and laminate flooring with the original Thomas Aqua Stelth nozzle and wet cleaning of textile surfaces of upholstered furniture through a special spray nozzle with a pressure hose. To make the versatility of the vacuum cleaner became absolutely full you can buy brand accessories for wet carpet cleaning.

For a detergent vacuum cleaner model has good maneuverability, convenient management and stylish design. The cord unwinds automatically, and the body provides a place to store attachments. A nice bonus is the presence of a turbo brush with a removable cover and a dry cleaning nozzle with horsehair.

  • Versatility;
  • Versatility of choice of dust bag;
  • Effective dry and wet cleaning;
  • Assembly – Germany.
  • Noisy operation;
  • High price.

A good cleaner is made in Germany and a good warranty (24 months + 6 months when registering on the website). Excellent design, the ability to use an aquafilter or a bag, a great nozzle for the floor (dokupil more blue detergent, the kit only for furniture and carpets).

Bosch BWD421PET

Next in our ranking of the best cleaning vacuum cleaners 2022 – top, powerful and truly multifunctional vacuum cleaner model with wet cleaning function from a well-known German manufacturer. This type of home appliances company Bosch traditionally produces in Poland. In any case, the American market receives products assembled there.

The BWD421PET is very powerful for its class – 2100 watts. It is positioned as a 3-in-1 device: it can clean almost any surface, wash carpets, collect liquids. In the role of the dust collector can be a large bag or a water filtration unit. During wet procedures, the dirty water goes into a 5-liter container.

The set of nozzles is quite diverse. For dry cleaning: a universal carpet / floor (also with a special compartment for the capture of small objects such as jewelry, lost items), small, soft and turbo brushes, slotted. For wet: wide (for carpets) and narrow wash with sprayer, mattress, suction.

  • Electronic adjustment of power by rotary knob;
  • High efficiency air filtration through HEPA H 13 washable filter, aromatization, removing unpleasant odors with AirFresh granules;
  • Storage system for small nozzles inside the body, soft-coated wheels;
  • Telescopic tube, automatic cord reeling;
  • A large radius of action – 12 m.
  • The package does not include a special parquet brush;
  • Not the most flexible and elastic hose.
  • Bosch BWD421PRO – gray-black case, has a parquet brush, no mattress nozzle
  • Bosch BWD421POW – basic color black, no parquet, mattress and separate nozzle for collecting liquids
  • Bosch BWD420HYG – 2000W, no turbo brush, has a mattress nozzle

Powerful, efficient. I like the result, I am satisfied. If possible, I use bags in a dry mode (somehow with him hygiene is better), if ran out or money sorry use aquafilter. So far I have not had any complaints.

Best Washable Robot Vacuum Cleaners

HOBOT Legee 688

For some reason, many users are often diametrically opposed to this unique model. Some are insanely happy, while others have complaints. For good reason. The thing is that this robot, though hybrid, but more a cleaner than a “dry” cleaner. It is optimal for hard and smooth floors, which it cleans according to the 4-step sequential scheme:

  1. The side brush “pulls” dust, debris from walls, corners, and all of it is pulled inside by the traditional vacuuming principle;
  2. Dry wiping by means of a vibro platform with a microfiber cloth;
  3. A cleaning liquid is sprayed in a dosage through special nozzles;
  4. Softened stains and dirt are scrubbed off wet with another moving mop.

With navigation HOBOT Legee 688 is full order. It is realized by means of five systems: laser sensors, rotation angle sensor, gyroscope, compass, electronic compass, builder room map. It supports 8 cleaning modes, several algorithms of movement (a snake with parallel passages, on the perimeter, on automatic for the whole room).

  • Ideal for effective treatment of corners D-shaped body, the crawler drive is not prone to slip on wet surfaces;
  • Adjustable suction power – 2100 Pa (powerful mode)/1800 (standard)/1200 (economical);
  • Progressive-return movement of wiping cloths at a frequency of 10 times per second;
  • 500 ml “dry” bin, water tank 320 ml, 2750 mA/h Li-Ion battery, autonomy up to 60 min (up to 90 min in eco-mode);
  • Control with remote control or via smartphone app, map up to 8 rooms, make cleaning schedule.
  • Vacuum cleaner is not suitable for cleaning carpets;
  • Does not force obstacles taller than 0.5 cm.
  • HOBOT Legee 669 – standard 1800 Pa suction only, up to 4 rooms (100 m² on one charge), no Wi-Fi control supported
  • HOBOT Legee 668 – 1600 Pa suction power, remote control only, Li-POL battery, simple brush motor

The floor is fine. The first time I was almost disappointed, but it turns out that there was a lot of inconspicuous dirt in the apartment, which at first the robot was just smearing. After a few sessions, everything fell into place. Great.

iLife W400

This robot is fundamentally different from most of its fellow robots with the claimed wet function. It is not even a vacuum cleaner in the literal sense of the word, but quite an effective cleaner. There is no dry mode, but the cleaning of floors with water is much more purposeful than it is with the ordinary dragging of a wet wipe.

Establishment of cleanliness occurs according to Tidal Power system. There are two tanks in the construction. One (0.85 l) supplies clean water. Floor is wetted, then scrubbed with rotating brush, dirty liquid is sucked into second tank (0.9 l). The final element, a rubber squeegee, pulls away residual moisture and prevents the formation of streaks.

A sensor system helps to recognize obstacles, avoid or mitigate collisions, protects against falls from heights. The power of iLife W400 is 22 watts. Battery capacity – 2500 mA/h. Required charging time – 300 min, autonomous work duration – up to 80.

  • Remote control;
  • Intelligent system of navigation, gyroscope;
  • 4 modes of cleaning – full for the entire room in a zigzag trajectory, zonal, reinforced in a small area, the perimeter near the walls;
  • Overcoming of elevation up to 15°;
  • Low noise index – about 55 dB.
  • Manual setting to charge;
  • High case may not pass into small niches.

No alternative, really cleans the floors. And it does a pretty good job, after all. Of course, it is not perfect, but it is excellent for a robot. Control from the remote control is simple and clear. I think the purchase is quite successful.

Everybot EDGE

Unlike most “pill” cousins, this robot vacuum cleaner is not a vacuum cleaner. It looks more like a polishing machine with 2 motors, but instead of abrasive circles they use washable ones in the form of disk water tanks, on which special platforms are mounted and on which soft microfiber cloths are velcroed.

The lack of wheels contributes to a dense and even contact with the nozzles on the floor. They rotate at 5700 rpm, slightly outside the body, which contributes to a more thorough cleaning along the walls and in the corners. In the kit 2 pairs of “rags” of different colors: lettuce are designed for glossy surfaces (do not leave streaks), gray for all others.

Everybot EDGE robot, so some sort of navigation is supported. Above there is an optical (light) sensor, which does not allow poloterom stuck under furniture, on the bumper are infrared sensors of obstacles, below sensors of differences in height, which for some types of work can be disabled.

  • Remote control with batteries included;
  • 7 modes of operation – Auto, Perimeter, Local, Intensive, Imitation manual cleaning with a Y-shaped movement, by the time of 50 minutes, manual control;
  • Powerful Li-Ion battery 2150 mA/h, up to 100 minutes of autonomous work;
  • Low noise 46dB;
  • High quality build – South Korea.
  • No charging base with automatic parking;
  • Doesn’t support Smart control, map building.

I really like it. Without all the fancy features, it just cleans the floor nice and well on its own. You can run it with a remote, run it along the walls, move it around the rooms, and give it the job of scrubbing everything in it for 50 minutes. I even clean a big mirror by hand.

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Best steam cleaning vacuum cleaners

Becker VAP-3

Very serious device of professional level, that’s why it is not cheap. The owner of this multifunctional station automatically becomes a “jack of all trades”. Because VAP-3 combines the capabilities of several separate devices at once: the “dry” vacuum cleaner with a water filter, detergent for wet cleaning with detergents, steam cleaner without the need for the “chemistry”, a powerful steam cleaner for removing tough stubborn dirt and disinfecting, steam ironing system.

Maintained maximum power – 3000, the boiler heating elements – 2×1000, the motor – 1000 watts. Steam pressure up to 5 bar, suction – 21 kPa. The water tank capacity is 6 liters. The delivery set is well thought out to the smallest detail. Among nozzles standard, mini turbo-brush, various small (even triangular for corners), for wet cleaning with steam and without. And, the cherry on the cake is the steam iron.

  • Stainless steel boiler – 1.5 liters;
  • The ability to add water directly during operation;
  • Adjustable steam supply;
  • Collection of dust and debris, liquids, cleaning and humidifying the air in aqua-vacuum mode;
  • Blowing operation;
  • Indicators readiness for steam, lowering water level.
  • Serious weight – 11.5 kg.

Incredible “combine” in a very decent design. Washes, literally, anything. You only need to choose your mode wisely, otherwise you can spoil something with excessive steam power. From the claims – only a very high price tag.

Polti FAV30

A simpler device from the “stable” Becker, produced under the brand Polti, positioned as the Italian. In this case, it supports the functionality of two popular devices: a vacuum cleaner with an aqua filter and a steam cleaner. In other words, among the possibilities and quality dry cleaning with simultaneous air purification in the room, and removal of difficult dirt with a parallel hygienic effect on the treated surfaces. Isn’t it a dream for cleaners and allergy sufferers?

The model is equipped with an upgraded 1350 W motor that prevents energy dissipation. Maintained suction power of 190 aW. Steam functions are provided by an EXTRA ALP aluminum alloy boiler with 1.1L capacity and 1100W power. The time it takes to transform water into gaseous state is 11 minutes. Steam capacity is 90 g/min. Pressure – up to 4 bar. Lid, can be opened only when safe to do so.

  • HEPA filter included;
  • 5-level steam adjustment;
  • Universal set of nozzles, tank cleaning brush, fragrance dispenser;
  • Optional connection of an iron and disinfector;
  • Relatively compact size, adequate weight – 8.3 kg.
  • Uncomfortable small power button;
  • Tubes made of plastic.
  • Polti FAV80 Turbo Intelligence – 6 bar/4 bar steam pressure, 120 g/min steam intensity

Really helped make the house cleaner. Seams on tile, joints “blew”, steamed carpets. Rolls around on the floor without too much trouble. The noise is not too bad. It is a pity it heats up slowly. Has nozzles and cloths for all kinds of cleaning.


The German company Karcher manufactures almost all kinds of cleaning equipment, so the presence of a household steam vacuum cleaner in the range is not surprising. And the fact that it is able to collect debris, dirt or liquid in one pass and immediately treat the surface with steam, probably will appeal to true fans of cleanliness and order in the house.

About the filtration system. It includes water, intermediate and “fine” HEPA filters. So, allergy sufferers can rest easy. Especially considering the fact that the steam cleaner function effectively neutralizes all kinds of germs, bacteria and other pathogens.

The maximum power is 2200 watts, the heater is 1100. The heating time is 5 minutes. Steam capacity up to 65 g/min, pressure – 4 bar. Weighs 9.4 kg. The length of the power cord – 6 m. Appearance almost 1-in-1 coincides with the Italian vacuum cleaner Polti, but Karcher design in traditional brand colors.

  • 4-stage suction power adjustment, 5-stage steam supply;
  • Special safety valve, childproof function;
  • Defoamer included;
  • Universal set of accessories;
  • Compatible with steam iron 6006.
  • Overpriced;
  • Unreliable plastic joints.

The vacuum cleaner is clearly not for everyday needs, but for serious, carefully planned cleaning. But it will wash and clean everything. There is no need to buy detergents. The device is heavy, of course, maneuverability is weak. But the warranty, like, 5 years.

And in conclusion – what washable vacuum cleaner is better to buy?

The most popular vacuum cleaners are products of Thomas. The official website of the company claims that all models are made exclusively in Germany. Thomas washable vacuum cleaners do a pretty good job – but there is a common big disadvantage for all of them. From the reviews on : “Stunningly irrational design: all the parts that should be easy to clean are full of some grooves, sharp corners, etc.”

Another review on Amazon, which is worth listening to:

“If you understand the purpose of such a machine correctly, you’ll get the most out of it. Big vacuum cleaners are not built for picking up grits that scatter in the kitchen or a quick clean in five minutes. It will take you longer to clean and disassemble. But for general cleaning it is indispensable.

Use the device for its intended purpose – in fact, many users of this technique do not argue in vain that the device has no drawbacks and can be a great helper for the owners.

Use the right detergents. This is another important detail, which many users, mankindful of careful reading of the instruction manual, or do not know, or do not attach due importance: in the vast majority of vacuum cleaners, to avoid breakage, reducing the effectiveness of wet cleaning, you must use a special defoamer. It may already be contained in the complete corporate detergent compositions or come in a separate bottle. Thing is really necessary, especially for those who have decided to save money and buy alternative “shampoos” for cleaning floors instead of the recommended “chemicals”.

One last tip. When buying a vacuum cleaner from our rating or any other, be sure to pay attention to whether there are service centers in your city for maintenance and repair – still the unit is quite expensive. It is also very important whether there are filters, detergents and spare parts for the chosen model.


  • Juan Farmer writes detailed reviews that can help you choose the right vacuum cleaner for your needs…