The best robot vacuum cleaner for fur removal

The best robot vacuum cleaner for fur removal

The best robot vacuum cleaner for fur removal

Choosing a robot vacuum cleaner for fur removal: our top picks

Cat and dog lovers often have the problem of hair on the floor in apartments. Particular inconvenience of cat or dog hair is delivered to allergy sufferers, as well as families with a small child who spends a lot of time on the floor.

Traditional or upright vacuum cleaners cope well with garbage, but require the owner to clean daily, which is annoying to many. We recommend buying a robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning pet hair to solve the problem.

Before choosing it is worth to understand the technical characteristics and features of the device, otherwise there is a risk to buy an unsuitable. For example, not able to clean the apartment from wool because of low power.

How to choose

Let’s define what problems can arise:

  • The lack of a central turbo brush;
  • Wrapping hair and hair on the central brush;
  • lack of suction power;
  • lack of scheduled operation;
  • lack of virtual wall and magnetic tape;
  • lack of local cleaning modes with multiple passes over one area or turbo;
  • small volume of the dustbin;
  • low battery capacity.

Turbo Brush.

Effective cleaning of the floor, especially carpets, helps rotate the motor turbo brush. Thanks to it, the robot vacuum cleaner rakes the floor trapped particles of dirt, increasing the quality of cleaning. In cheap models, there is often just a slot for suction, which is suitable for the daily cleaning of the house from dust, but for an apartment with pets will be a bad choice.

Wrap-around wool.

If you choose a device with a turbo brush, be prepared to regularly release it from coiled hair. Not only is removing long hair not too much fun, but it’s also difficult, because you’ll have to dig it out or cut it off.

An alternative design in the form of one or two rubber rollers comes to the rescue. They are just as effective as a traditional brush, but they are easy to clean and do not jam.

Rubber rollers are a good choice when buying a robot vacuum cleaner for an apartment with pets.

Suction power

Cleaning up in the apartment after your favorite kitty or doggie plays is not like picking up crumbs after a meal. A robot vacuum cleaner must have enough power to pick up all the dirt quickly and efficiently.

Choosing a robot vacuum cleaner for an apartment with pets, you should immediately discard the models of unknown manufacturers who are ashamed to indicate the technical characteristics.

Work on a schedule

An apartment with pets needs regular cleaning, ideally at the same time. The ability to work on a schedule will allow you to set a convenient time for each day. For example, for work hours, so that you arrive at a clean apartment. Or while you walk your dog outside.

Virtual wall and magnetic tape

A virtual barrier that the device won’t go behind to clean is a very useful thing in a home with pets. You’ll be able to fence off a corner with a feeder or toilet so the robot won’t crash into them. You can also fence the rug in the hallway that you stand on with muddy shoes after walking your dog.

Local cleaning mode, turbo mode

We believe that a robot vacuum cleaner for apartments with pets should have a higher power mode (turbo), which will allow you to thoroughly clean a rug or other place with an increased amount of hair.

Local cleaning mode will also allow you to send the device exactly to the right place and clean it, without wasting time on the clean places around.

Volume of the litter box.

Depending on the breed of your pet, there can be quite a bit of hair. Collecting it, the robot quickly fills the dust canister, so you should pay attention to its size.

Battery capacity

Collecting hair at high power is a decent drain on the battery, in addition, you may need to go through the same place several times. The optimal choice is a battery with a capacity of more than 3500 mAh.

We have compiled two ratings, the first of which will be ours, the second – according to third-party publications. Having an alternative opinion won’t hurt.

Our rating

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

A regular of our tops and the best robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning pet hair at a small price. Slightly inferior to expensive ones in power, but surpasses them in intelligence. Able to thoroughly clean your apartment on a schedule even every day, will bypass every corner in search of dirt. Thanks to its laser rangefinder it will perfectly navigate houses with any number of rooms.

You may not have enough wet cleaning, or the height of overcome thresholds. Another problem is the reluctance to work on black carpets.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2

Otherwise called the Xiaomi Roborock Sweep One. An upgrade of the previous model in our top, it features increased passability, wet cleaning function and setting prohibited areas through an app on your smartphone.

It’s worth the extra cost, provided you want to mop the floors.

iClebo Omega.

iClebo Omega

Another regular at the top. It is about half the price of the Chinese Xiaomi, a little worse for terrain orientation, but it cleans better. The cool feature is the automatic detection of dirty areas. The robot finds them, as well as carpeting, and includes a mode of increased suction power. Thoroughly cleans corners and has a double snake mode where it cleans the room 2 times: first it moves in a snake parallel to one wall, then it turns 90 degrees and drives in a snake perpendicular to the previous route.

Neato Botvac Connected

Neato Botvac Connected

A good option if you are willing to pay extra. The brushes are easy to clean thanks to the special design, and the central one is almost the entire length of the body. The power is one of the highest on the market. It is controlled via an app from a smartphone, currently not russified.

iRobot Roomba 980

iRobot Roomba 980

Robots of this company are like Tesla in the world of cars. Maximum functionality, impressive features and a high price in USA. In terms of quality of cleaning in the first place, there is navigation, in the kit at once given two virtual walls. Instead of turbo brush two rubber rollers, practically not winding the hair on themselves and easily cleaned. The volume of the dustbin is a whole liter, enough not only for an apartment but for a big house as well. There is a pollution sensor, which gives the command to clean the detected area until the victory over the trash.

Each of the aforementioned devices is an excellent candidate for the best robot vacuum cleaner for homes with pets.

Third-party ratings

If you read the reviews, you can compile an alternate top with robot vacuums for cleaning pet hair.

Dyson 360 Eye

Dyson 360 Eye

The company produces popular but expensive upright vacuum cleaners. Having decided to enter the niche of robot vacuum cleaners, the manufacturer has released a fun device that excites minds with its enormous power.

Panda X600.

Panda X600

Japanese device at a modest price. There is a cloth for wet cleaning and the function of the virtual wall. There is no turbo brush that will save you from unnecessary headache, while the suction power of 22 watts, which is enough for cleaning hard floor coverings. There is no charting, so do not buy for multi-room apartment.

Gutrend Fun 120.

Gutrend FUN 120

Another one without a central brush, but with a wet cloth and a virtual wall. Not suitable for carpets with medium to long pile.

Karcher RC 3000

Karcher RC 3000

A model that can clean an apartment with short pile and self-cleaning function. In this case has no cartography, because of what moves randomly and little time is given to the corners. Suitable for lazy owners who are too lazy to regularly clean the vacuum cleaner itself. In this case you will have to put up with the constant purchase of paper bags for the base and a long time to clean because of the chaotic route.


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