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What is the best vacuum cleaner for cleaning pet hair: rating TOP-15

Owners of pets know that faithful and loyal animals are able to make human life much more joyful and happy. However, in addition to the beautiful moments, these fluffy residents bring into the house and a number of additional problems, one of which is hair. And it does not matter how long the coat is at your pet. Fight with her traces will have to in any case. So those who already have a shaggy friend or just looking at the variety of breeds, should get a quality technique in the form of a good vacuum cleaner for cleaning the hair of animals. It is not much different in price, but greatly facilitates the care of the order in the home. The main thing to know what to look for.

Features of cleaning animal hair

The peculiarity of animal fur is its periodic molting. This means that part of the hair cover regularly falls out and is immediately replaced with new undercoat. In this case, no matter what size your pet, with a palm or the height of the owner, furry skeins will still “decorate” the interior.

The easiest way to pick up litter is from hard, smooth floors. Any device that can absorb the dust will do the job. But to clean furniture or carpets, you’ll need a specialized vacuum cleaner like Animal.

Cleaning the room with a pet has a number of nuances:

  • hair piles up and accumulates in corners, crevices and other hard-to-reach places on the floor, so every inch of space should be thoroughly cleaned;
  • Short hairs are practically invisible, but get clogged everywhere, so good power and several nozzles are needed;
  • Soft textile surfaces are especially susceptible to dirt, in which the hair is practically digested, and only a good quality brush can cope with it;
  • The smallest particles can easily find their way back into the room if the vacuum cleaner is not equipped with a reliable filtration system;
  • It is good if the vacuum cleaner can cope with spills, stains, and particles of solid objects in addition to problems with hair.

If you take into account all these nuances and prepare for them in advance, the antics of the future furry family member is unlikely to spoil your mood.

How to choose the right vacuum cleaner for a house with pets

To keep the house clean, the hostess will need a vacuum cleaner that can effectively eliminate the smallest lint. The good thing is that almost every category of devices offers a suitable model that can cope with such a difficult task. So, what characteristics should have a decent helper?

  1. The power of suction – although it is not so critical, it is better to choose more powerful models in its group. The stronger the vacuum cleaner will draw air into itself, the more effectively it will be able to clean hard-to-reach crevices or a carpet clogged with wool.
  2. Protection System – It’s important to prevent hair from being thrown back into the room. This will require a HEPA filter of at least class 13. Additional layers in the form of charcoal or aquafilter will be a significant advantage.
  3. The brush – special attention should be paid to it. You need a good quality turbo brush with a good roller that can pick up all the dirt. It is better if it is equipped with a turbo drive. Ideally, if the mini-turbo for furniture will be attached at once.
  4. Type of dust canister – it is more practical to choose a container, preferably a large volume. If you prefer bags, it is more logical to use disposable.
  5. Set of accessories – the minimum set must contain a crevice and furniture nozzle. Also useful is a small turbo brush for furniture and a brush for delicate fabrics and clothing.

What type of vacuum cleaner is more effective in the fight against hair

Before you buy a vacuum cleaner for cleaning pet hair, you should realistically assess your strength. How thoroughly you are ready to clean and how much time you are willing to devote to it. This will determine which of the machines is worth choosing.

It does not make sense to recommend only robot vacuum cleaners and classic bag models. The first will be more like an additional assistant, but obviously will not cope with the tasks of the basic vacuum cleaner. The latter are not too easy to service. If you buy for them disposable bags, their frequent change will be expensive.

All other devices have worthy representatives:

  1. Vacuum cleaners with aqua filter – ideal for allergy sufferers. If there is a wash function, they will bring perfect cleanliness even in a house with a small zoo. But for cleaning will have to spend a lot of time and effort, because these devices are heavy and demanding in service.
  2. Traditional vacuum cleaners with a container are an optimal alternative. Getting it out and running it is quick, but it has great traction and can clean around any area with great results.
  3. Vacuum cleaners are indispensable for quick cleanings. The pet will not have time to make a mess, and the hostess will easily collect all the debris with one hand. Most often equipped with excellent electric brushes, capable of knocking out the tiniest hairs.

Let’s take a closer look at the top 3 vacuum cleaners for cleaning pet hair in each category.

The 15 best vacuum cleaners for apartments/homes with pets

vacuum cleaner for pets
Model 2022 Vacuum bag capacity, l Power suction, W Amazon
The best vacuum cleaners for cleaning wool with aqua filter
3 ARNICA Bora 7000 Premium 1.2 420 Go to
2 Bosch BWD41740 2.5 Go to
1 Thomas Aqua Pet & Family 6 325 Go to
Best vacuum cleaners with coat container
3 LG VK89383HU. 1.2 380 Go to
2 Thomas DryBox 786553 2.1 Go to
1 Philips FC9733 PowerPro Expert 2 470 Go to
Best upright vacuum cleaners for wool
3 Polaris PVCS 4000 HandStickPRO 0.6 160 Go to
2 Remezair MultiClick Pro, RMVC-503 0.8 Go to
1 Genio Magic Stick M20 0.5 160 Go to
Best cheap vacuum cleaners for fur removal
3 Polaris PVC 2003RI 2.5 500 Go to
2 Gorenje VC 2301 SPWCY 1.7 400 Go to
1 Bosch BGS05BA2T 1.5 Go to
The best vacuum cleaners for wool by value for money
3 LG VK89309H 4.8 420 Go to
2 Philips XB2122 1.3 360 Go to
1 Tefal Silence Force Allergy+ TW7487EA 4.8 420 Go to

Top 3 best vacuum cleaners for pets with aqua filter.

One of the best vacuum cleaner options for homes with pets. The real general cleaning can be made only with such appliance, which combines the functions of wet and dry cleaning. It is this option is suitable for allergy sufferers who dream to keep a pet at home. Consider the 3 best vacuum cleaners with aqua filter for cleaning fur.


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