Woolite 850b carpet and rug cleaner

Woolite 850b carpet and rug cleaner

woolite 850b carpet and rug cleaner

The 12 best carpet cleaning products

A quality carpet cleaner penetrates deep into the pile, removes dirt, unpleasant odors. It does not contain harsh substances and allergens, which means it is safe. This ranking will tell you the best cleaning products of 2021.

Detergents for a vacuum cleaner.

This category includes special compositions that are used in washing vacuum cleaners and deeply clean the lint. They fight a wide variety of stains. In addition to the shampoo, these products include a foam neutralizer, otherwise the foam could leak out and cause a short circuit.

Grass Carpet foam cleaner

Grass Carpet foam cleaner is an all-purpose product that is suitable for cleaning a variety of surfaces. It is particularly suitable for carpets and heavily soiled carpets. The cleaner penetrates deeply into the nap and removes all kinds of dirt. In concentrated form it can be used as a stain remover. The cleaner copes with the most difficult stains, including those caused by grease, earth, blood and drinks. It also removes unpleasant odors.

In addition to carpets, the product efficiently cleans various fabrics, velour and imitation leather. It can be used to wash things made of plastic and glass. The cleaner is characterized by low foaming, so it is well suited for use in a vacuum cleaner. The foam will not overfill the tank, nor will it leak out. This also makes it safe to use. The cleaning procedure itself can be done either automatically, when the solution is poured into the vacuum cleaner, or manually.

Grass Carpet foam cleaner
  • cleans effectively;
  • easy to rinse out;
  • pleasant smell;
  • does not foam too much;
  • low consumption.
  • dries hands;
  • May not get rid of old stains.

I bought it for my Kerher K5, used it with a foamer, everything is super, plenty of foam, rinses out well. I used my hand dryer 5 carpets and it washes out great, the smell is nice and unobtrusive, gets out fast, so I am one hundred percent satisfied. I even washed synthetic and wool rugs and nothing faded.

I used Vanish for carpets before it. This product works the first time and does not have to rub as hard and removes all tough stains, including stains from blueberry jam, which vanish could not remove completely. By the way, vanish also used, because the foam is difficult to achieve, and the effect of it is dubious). I will still have to order this miracle-solution.

2. KARCHER Damp Carpet Cleaner RM 519

This product is also one of the universal ones. It is primarily suitable for carpets, but also cleans well and deeply on furniture. One of the advantages of the cleaner is that you can use the carpet again almost immediately after washing it. The KARCHER RM 519 is quite safe and odorless. As a result, even animals react calmly to the product. Still, after use, it is worth rinsing it off thoroughly with water if you have people with hypersensitivity or asthma at home. In other cases, it does not need to be rinsed off.

This home carpet cleaner is good for removing stains, including problematic or stale stains. It dries quickly after use. It refers to concentrates. The amount used depends on the degree of soiling and varies from 100 to 200 ml. After adding it to the tank, refill with clean water.

  • high-quality cleaning;
  • odorless;
  • convenient packaging;
  • price;
  • easy to rinse out.
  • May cause itching;
  • needs to be thoroughly rinsed off in case of hypersensitivity and asthma;
  • small volume.

Svetlana D No odor. Cleaned the couch (a very dirty couch. ). When cleaning came out a dirty brown sludge. I have never seen so much dirt so clearly. After letting the product stand, you need to rinse well with water, although there is no smell, but, for asthmatics is sensitive. A very good product, in my opinion.

I use it for vacuum cleaner Thomas Twin T1, I get great result, no more foamy, no more smelly chemicals, 100% quality result, on a 3/6 meter long palace it took one third of the time, I use three times a bottle. I also vacuumed after cleaning the chemistry, the water in the aqua filter is cleanest, which means the chemistry does its job perfectly.

3. Vanish Shampoo for Vacuum Cleaner Gold

This shampoo is also designed to remove dirt that digs deep into the nap and cannot be removed by other products. This includes all kinds of dirt, dust, and even pet hair. Also, Gold shampoo for vacuum cleaners allows you to cope with the odors left behind by pets. Carpets feel fresher, their pile is softer and more pleasant to the touch after cleaning. Other unpleasant odours caused by dirt are also eliminated.

It helps to make cleaning more efficient than using a vacuum cleaner alone. It can also be used to treat furniture upholstery. But the shampoo is quite foamy, so you should be careful to pour it into the tank so that the foam doesn’t end up leaking out. Before using, test the product on an inconspicuous area of the carpet to make sure the paint won’t wash off. The shampoo is not suitable for handmade carpets and delicate fabrics.

  • cleans well;
  • pleasant smell;
  • gets rid of stains;
  • refreshes the color.

Oksana B. It smells good. Well, about the strong action of course I would argue. I cleaned the kitchen carpet. It has all sorts of stains. The kids got all over it. And Vanish didn’t get it all out. I applied it, though. I waited. Then I scrubbed with a stiff brush. And some stains remained.

Maria M. It did a good job on stubborn stains from the old carpet and freshened up the color. Had to scrub with a brush and then pick up the moisture with a damp vacuum cleaner. Let’s see how the treated carpet will stick to new dirt. I wasn’t thrilled with it, but it worked well.

4. Help Carpet Cleaner for Washable Vacuum Cleaners

This option also allows you to clean dirt from carpets and rugs of different types, as well as upholstered furniture. The cleaner always penetrates deep into the nap, removes dirt, also copes with dust. After washing, unpleasant odors disappear and are replaced by a fresh scent. Even with stubborn dirt, the carpets are refreshed and more pleasant to use.

This carpet cleaner is designed for both vacuuming and manual cleaning. It is a concentrate that comes in a 1-liter package. Such amount will suffice for a long time, and the price of means is quite low. As a result, you can even save money when using this product. After cleaning, it does not need to be washed off, but it is better to do this if there are asthmatics, people with hypersensitivity in the house.

  • affordable price;
  • cleans well;
  • no smell after cleaning;
  • convenient to use.
  • May not remove unpleasant odors.

KVAgA F. Awesome cleaner. Brought my husband a seat from the car (whole ) Previously cleaned with powders – sat down, heat, waited for heat. Poured into a sprayer, diluted, sprayed, after 20 minutes, rubbed a couple of times and washed off. The effect – wow. I do the same with chairs and carpets. I also clean carpets and carpets with a vacuum cleaner.

Zoya It’s good to clean the carpet. I will have to buy more, as it was not enough for the whole carpet, and the difference is very noticeable.

5. Top House Washable Vacuum Cleaner Shampoo

The following product was developed in Germany specifically for cleaning jobs that require you to clean carpets. Also, Top House shampoo will be convenient to use and for washing other similar surfaces. This is the upholstery of furniture, various floor coverings. This product can no longer be attributed to the budget, but its price is due to the high quality of washing and the result.

First of all, the shampoo removes different types of dirt, including old, deep-rooted and problematic ones. As a result, the carpet or any other covering gets a fresh look. Even their colors become brighter, because cleaning actually renews them. Shampoo has a disinfectant property, it destroys pathogenic bacteria, so the carpet can be used again safely. Unpleasant odors also go away. It not only removes existing dirt, but also prevents the appearance of new dirt.

  • effective cleaning;
  • Does not produce a pungent smell;
  • does not foam hard;
  • does not leave streaks.
  • May not remove old stains;
  • price.

Name hidden It cleans satisfactorily. The price is rather biting, considering the high consumption of the product. The smell is pleasant, moderately foamy. I can’t judge about antibacterial properties. I use it in a Thomas vacuum cleaner.

Irina K. If I follow the dosage, nothing foams, Thomas Twin TT vacuum cleaner. It does not leave any streaks. I didn’t really like the smell, I don’t even know how to describe it. Some kind of glue for wallpaper along with detergent. But still better value than buying the original Thomas product, so happy with the purchase.

Shampoos for manual cleaning.

These are concentrated compositions, one of the features of which is the formation of a large amount of foam. After shampoo quickly dries, it does not need to be washed off, you can clean up, for example, with an ordinary vacuum cleaner. Such chemicals are primarily designed for new stains and light soiling. It gives your carpets a fresh look and refreshes them.

TUBA Carpet Shampoo

TUBA is another product that allows you to get rid of dirt quite easily. After that, new ones do not appear long enough due to a special composition that creates protection from dirt. This effect is achieved by penetrating directly into the fibers, so that they are thoroughly cleaned. This is also facilitated by the large amount of foam. The shampoo is suitable for carpets and various coatings. The only exception is coatings made of coconut fibers.

The product can be easily spread on the desired surface. If the stain is very persistent, it is enough to rub the shampoo in and leave it for 40 minutes. After use, a fairly persistent fresh lemon scent appears. This product, too, was made by a German company that has long accumulated experience in cleaning various surfaces. It specializes in products that will be both effective and safe.

  • fresh scent;
  • plenty of foam;
  • cleans well;
  • removes stubborn stains.
  • It takes a long time for the smell to wear off.

Anastasia K. I cleaned the carpet with this cleaner where the advertised Vanish was powerless. I like it very much. But I don’t use it the way it’s recommended by the manufacturer. Best of all the carpet shampoos I’ve tried.

Kirill A. Very good shampoo for carpets. I use it directly through the pump of my vacuum cleaner, it cleans up great. In fact, it is the liquid equivalent of foam for cleaning upholstered furniture, the manufacturer is good, no complaints about the quality.

2. Big Wash Carpet Cleaning Shampoo

This is another shampoo that has a whole host of useful properties. It not only cleans carpets and similar coatings, upholstery, but also destroys pathogenic germs. Such a result is achieved due to its antibacterial composition. After cleaning the carpet gets a fresh, pleasant look and becomes safer to use due to the removal of such microorganisms. This will be especially useful for families with children who like to play on the floor.

After using the shampoo, the carpet pile becomes soft and pleasant to the touch. It can remove not only all kinds of dirt, but also dust and pet hair. In this case, the shampoo has no negative impact on health. In particular, it does not cause allergies, irritations. The skin on the hands also does not dry. The product belongs to the concentrates.

  • cleans well;
  • plenty of foam;
  • Makes things fresher;
  • has a pleasant light scent.
  • May not clean old stains.

Natalya K. I liked both the foam and the gel. But the foam is more, as it doesn’t require much effort, the carpet is dry and clean. Vanish didn’t help one bit. The gel is better used with a man’s hand) My mom works in a furniture store and has tried many products, so far this is the best in both cleaning and price. I recommend it)

Name hidden I liked the product – easily cleans dirt, unlike the same vanish, dries quickly and has a pleasant fragrance.

Stain Remover Spray

Means of this type cope well with problematic stains. To do this, it is enough to spray the area where the stain appeared. Such chemistry is sold ready-made, which makes it convenient and easy to use.

1. Bagi Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Spray Stichonite

This spray is a concentrated foam that needs to be applied to soiled areas. Like most previous cleaners, Stichonite is good for a range of surfaces. These include carpets, carpeting, upholstery, and furniture. If you have matching fabrics in your interior, these can also be treated with the spray. Cleaning is also possible for car fabric seats. In all cases, the surfaces are not only cleaned, but they get a fresh, refreshed look.

After cleaning, the material does not change its appearance, does not deteriorate the color and structure. Also, no traces are left from the cleaner. Absorbent substances that remove unpleasant odors, replacing them with a feeling of freshness. There is also an antistatic effect, as a result the cleaner attracts pet hair and allows it to be removed quickly.

  • effective cleaning;
  • refreshes things;
  • pleasant smell;
  • economical consumption;
  • quickly dissolves dirt.

Woolite Rug Sticks

  • difficult to rinse;
  • long odor does not weatherize;
  • May not be able to remove old stains.

Tatiana L. Cleaned a dirty couch. Looked as good as new. Did not dilute with water. It is better to spray it not on the couch but on a sponge (I used a children’s cloth washcloth). A small amount is enough, apply, rub, let stand for a while. It dissolves the dirt well. It takes a lot of effort to wash off, but it is foamy. Has a strong odor, but it takes a long time to evaporate. After it dries, it tends to leave microscopic powder like laundry detergent. It’s better to rinse longer and then vacuum dry.

Mary With the advent of a puppy in the house have to regularly use this product, because although it seems to be accustomed to the puppy walk, but periodically disasters happen, and for some reason it is on the carpet in the hallway. Previously, I just tried to wash up under the faucet the edge that did, but still the smell remained. Bugi same smell and takes away, and washes everything perfectly, the colors of the pattern of the track because of the product do not fade.

2. Vanish stain remover for carpets and upholstery Gold

This spray is also designed to eliminate not only dirt, but also unpleasant odors. And it is effective even on stubborn and difficult stains. Vanish Gold removes them quickly, in one cleaning. In the first place the stain remover is designed for carpets, but it can also be used for cleaning upholstered furniture. It can be dirt of different types, from food, spilled liquids, as well as animals. After cleaning it leaves a feeling of freshness, goes away unpleasant smell.

It is recommended to treat stains at once, then you can achieve the best effect and remove the dirt completely. It is recommended to test the resistance of the paint on an inconspicuous area of the carpet before use. This carpet cleaner is not suitable for velvet, brocade, silk. Also, it should not be used to clean oriental carpets and handmade items.

Woolite 850b carpet and rug cleaner use it for
  • pleasant smell;
  • cleans effectively;
  • cleans well even white things;
  • price.
  • difficulty in removing old stains;
  • high consumption.

Kristina Petrikova Excellent removes old stains, for those who have pets, the best option! It smells good, not like the usual vanish. With a small amount of product removed wine stains and pet stains, the only product that helped, no streaks after drying. The only thing is that I did not use it for 5 minutes on stubborn stains but for 10-15 minutes.

If I use it for cleaning acrylic palas and upholstery (dog at home), it quickly removes fresh spots, economical enough flow, I haven’t tried it with old spots, because there are none.

IVIclean carpet and upholstered furniture cleaner

This product belongs to the universal, it is good to clean different surfaces, including carpets and carpets made of synthetic fibers. IVIclean is suitable for upholstery of upholstered furniture, office chairs and armchairs, textile parts of car seats. The cleaner is a good option for the office, because it removes stains from pens and felt-tip pens. Not all such cleaners remove such stains. It will also be useful for the home with children who like to draw.

The main advantage of the stain remover is the effective cleaning of carpets with deep penetration into the fibers. At the same time, the product does not damage the structure, preserves the color, and acts very gently and delicately. But before using it, it is better to try the chemistry on a small area of the carpet, to be sure of color retention. For best results, the stain should be removed immediately, while they are still wet.

  • easy to use;
  • effective;
  • Suitable for many different surfaces;
  • removes many kinds of stains.
  • May not remove some odors.

Alexander Tyunev Cleaned very well a light-colored sofa (material Corkscrew). I liked the composition. There is no indication on the label of the necessary amount of spray to apply to the fabric. I poured quite a lot of the product on the sofa. Took an hour to wash it out afterwards, and there was still some left over. For the next few days, the couch gave off a strong odor of the fragrance (fragrance) in the product. I left the room to air out for a few days and vacuumed the couch. Now everything is great.

Paulina Naumchik Good not strong product, the light upholstery pouffit washed well. I do not know about the instructions, but if you spray well, hold soaked and wash, all is well. The packaging leaks, I don’t know about the others. Doesn’t get rid of pet odor (cat urine for sure).

These products are also sold ready-made in cans. To use them, just shake them and spray on the stain. The best carpet cleaner of this type will not spread, leaving streaks, but it will absorb dirt well.

PROSEPT Sagret Shampoo Active Foam for Cleaning Carpets, Upholstered Furniture and Textiles

This is an active foam, which is also good for carpets and similar surfaces (upholstered furniture and even textiles). Thanks to a special formula, the product penetrates deep into the fibers, cleans them, but does not damage the structure. As a result, it removes all kinds of stains – from dirt, grease, and dust. Also chemicals help to clean the carpet from pet hair. This is achieved due to the antistatic effect, when the foam attracts hairs. It also eliminates unpleasant odors, including from pets.

Foam will be useful if any resident is prone to allergies or irritations. Cleaning eliminates dust mites and other organisms whose products negatively affect health. The foam does not spread when applied, but it can be used to treat large areas. It is fast and dries almost immediately. It is suitable for many fiber types.

  • quick effect;
  • cleans well;
  • light coloured fabrics can be treated;
  • does not leave streaks.
  • strong odor;
  • small volume.

Name concealed Cleaned a light colored carpet well. Did not leave a stain, the foam does not have a pungent unpleasant smell either. But it is not very much, suitable more for local cleaning, not for complete cleaning of the carpet.

IP Batyayeva Elena Viktorovna I will order more. Unlike other products – just super. And the car seats cleaned – great, and upholstered furniture, all super. I was surprised that it cleans perfectly the hair after pets.

2. TUBA Dry Foam Spray Carpet Cleaner

The rating is rounded out by carpet cleaning chemicals, which are made with all safety requirements in mind. The foam dries quickly, so after cleaning the carpet and other surfaces are immediately ready for use. But the product itself must be kept away from children. Also, it must not be allowed into the eyes. The aerosol does not need to be mixed with water, it is enough to apply it to the contaminated surface. After that, the foam is rubbed with a sponge and left for about half an hour. In the final stage of cleaning, the foam and dirt are removed with a vacuum cleaner.

TUBA foam refers to products that are gentle on carpet fibers. It does not damage them, but it pushes out dirt and dust, which the vacuum cleaner then collects. The fibers impregnated with this product do not get dirty for a long time afterwards. The product itself becomes fresh, pleasant to the eye and acquires a slight lemon scent.

  • pleasant smell;
  • easy to use;
  • effective;
  • does not need to wash off.
  • Does not remove stubborn stains.

Jana A huge plus is the ease of application, very time-saving than spot dispenser sprays. The fact that the product does not need to be washed out is also a huge plus, as for me, washing out the endless foam from the carpet is very tiring. The smell is very pleasant, not cheesy. I will continue to take the product to refresh the entire carpet, and it is very large.

Alexandra Y. The foam is great, it took care of the carpet ~The foam is great! It took care of a 5 sq. meter rug and a pullout sofa. Had to wash 2 times to get rid of the stale smell of furniture. A lot of small particles fly in the air while you clean it. I advise not to be lazy and use foam + respirator. But otherwise it is a great product. Consumption is great, I’m used to household chemicals last longer. I used to use it for a long time and it was gone in one day.


Woolite 850b carpet and rug cleaner product removed wine
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